Software as a service

Your in-house software solutions are your biggest financial drain
We will help you turn it into a new revenue centre

Software as a service can transform your business, making it more competitive and innovative. We work with you to provide you with the best possible results for your software as a service project.

What is software as a service?

Software as a service (SaaS) allows you to deliver applications over the internet. This means no installation or maintenance, you just need a wifi connection to access it. Since businesses don’t need to invest in extensive hardware in order to host this software, they can outsource all development and maintenance to a vendor.

Since SaaS utilises the cloud, any of your employees can access any information, at any time, from anywhere in the world. This makes collaboration a breeze- Mike can be working on a document while Sarah is going through and editing or adding notes to that same document.

Many business owners realise that through developing their own custom software, they’ve solved a huge problem for their industry. They can then “hire out” that software to other businesses, which will pay a monthly or yearly fee to use it. This software as a service model can mean that the software you develop will quickly pay for itself, and you’ll be profiting from it.

Here are some reasons why software as a service is a great choice:

  • No hardware costs– the cloud provider supplies all processing power.
  • No setup costs– once the user subscribes, applications can be used immediately
  • Only pay for what you’re using– beneficial for users requiring short-term use
  • Scalable usage– easily access additional services or storage on demand without installing new hardware or software
  • Automatic updates– updates are often deployed automatically and free of charge
  • Smart device compatible– Apps can be accessed via desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Customisable– customers can alter software as a service products to suit their needs and branding


How it works

At Intergy, we have a healthy respect for the planning stage of each project. And we’re committed to providing you with your software as a service on time and under budget.

Are you looking for a custom software solution? Want to talk about your options for software as a service? Reach out to us on chat and let’s get started.

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