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By providing responsive professional software support, we've got your back

At Intergy, we have a range of software support options, and many clients who have worked with us on other projects continue to come to us for ongoing software support. This allows their own IT staff to focus on customer-centric tasks.

Our software support services are easily scalable, so you can increase and decrease your support levels based on your goals.  We can not only support software systems build by our own team at Intergy, but also by others (usually after conducting a quick software audit to check structure and coding standards, etc).

What is software support?

Software periodically needs to be updated and optimised, new applications need to be integrated, and your database needs to be backed up. Sometimes, software will require functionality enhancements driven by the business, or patches to keep it compatible with the latest operating system update.  All of which can cause a massive headache for your IT team.

By outsourcing your software support to us, you’ve always got an expert team on hand, which will become an extension of your current operations.

Consistent, responsive, and superior software support can have a huge impact on your bottom line, saving you money and improving efficiency. Whether you’re working with a legacy system, off-the-shelf software, or custom software, software support allows you to be proactive and have peace of mind while knowing that your business systems are being monitored and looked after.

For employees, the benefits are numerous. They can simply pick up the phone and speak to a friendly, experienced IT professional in the event of a problem, which makes life easier all around.

How it works

We integrate into your business, ensuring that all your systems are working well together, and we provide an immediate response in the event of any issues or problems.

You can customise the level of support you receive, depending on your unique needs. However, we recommend starting with a monthly maintenance package.

This is generally 3-5 hours of maintenance and software support, and involves checking the health of your IT and software each month. We’ll give you a report based on our findings and will be on-hand to help if any problems are discovered.

This monthly service includes:

If you’re looking for software support, get in touch today and let us know how we can help.

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Case studies: Software Support

southern phone

Southern Phone

Solution : Software support

We developed a system that streamlined tasks such as, creating and allocating call lists, recording and monitoring customer payment arrangements, and reporting on the effectiveness of the collections activities. This increased their productivity and business effectiveness.


cordell costing information system

Cordell Costing Information System

Solution : Software support

We analysed their complex back-end functions and designed a custom web application to enhance their performance and capabilities.


the australasian college of dermatologists

The Australasian College of Dermatology (DERMCOLL)(MemberManagement)

Solution : Software support

We developed a custom site for built within WordPress. By selecting this platform, the solution remains scalable, flexible and easy to manage by the administration staff.



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