There are many advantages to choosing a custom software solution, however many business owners can overlook these advantages when faced with the initial costs of development process.

When your company is beginning to hit a growth phase, it can sometimes seem easier and quicker to choose a pre-packaged solution, particularly if you haven’t used a custom software solution developed in the past.

Often business owners won’t truly understand the benefits of custom software until they’re using the system every day and seeing the productivity increases first-hand.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to off-the-shelf solutions or cloud-based software products, there truly is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Each business will have specialised needs that need to be addressed in order to have the company running as smoothly as possible, and unfortunately, without building tailor made software solution, these needs will simply go unmet.

Here are a few reasons why some chose a custom software solution:

Cost savings

Some people may be confused at the idea of actually saving time and money with a bespoke software solution, but over the long run, that’s exactly what will happen.

Firstly, let’s consider some specific businesses that are managing subscriptions to a cloud-based software product. Assuming you have 100 people using the system and it costs $50 each month, you would be spending $5000 each month, $60,000 every year, and a huge $300,000 in total after five years.

Now consider to develop a custom software solution which has been created from the ground up, with the needs of your business in mind. You may pay a one-off fee of approximately $150,000, but this can be financed over several years for long term period (meaning it’s still less than $5000 per month), and once it’s paid off, you completely own the software and won’t need to worry about any future payments.

Investing in your business

When you’re purchasing someone else’s ready made software applications or paying monthly for a subscription, you’re investing in their business software processes. But when you have your own building custom software solution is being developed, you’re investing in your own.

This gives you an asset that’s 100% owned by your business which can then be licensed, sold, or packaged and used as software-as-a-service. This can open up many new income streams, while ensuring that the tools your employees are using have been specifically created for the tasks they’re completing.

Productivity Gains

Unfortunately, most commercial off-the-shelf and subscription-based software won’t allow you to modify its functionality and it will usually be difficult to add or remove features that are built-in, leading to either too few or too many functions for your company. The main advantages of custom software solution is designed to be compatible with all of the other programs you run and can allow your team to work smarter and faster. Instead of needing to use multiple different programs to get the job done, you can work with an experienced developer to create one comprehensive, integrated platform, which will lead to huge productivity gains as employees can replace time-consuming tasks with automated systems, and users won’t need to continually switch between different software or websites.

A Competitive Advantage

Like it or not, technology impacts almost every aspect of our lives. And for businesses aiming to be competitive and yet relying on the same off-the-shelf software or subscription-based software as their rivals, it’s even more difficult to stand out from the competition.

A great example of a company that chose a custom software is Ace Car Freighters, which was lagging behind both local and multi-corporate competition which had inferior service yet better technology.

The company was being smothered by paper (with dockets and files stacked in large piles all over the place), and the team was wasting hours every day simply trying to stay up to date with operations. Ace was also losing potential clients as they went to competitors with better technology instead.

After switching to a custom software solution, the company was able to save hours of time every day, ensure that customers and staff are happier, and focus on growth instead of everyday operations.

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