Project Engagement Models

Intergy Consulting has several different project engagement models, which have been designed to suit any client and project, and ultimately improve its prospect for success and growth.

• Choose an engagement model that suits your specific needs and maximise value for money.
• Factors to consider are: the scope of the project, desired budget and timeframes, and also your own in-house capabilities and capacity.

Traditional Waterfall Model – Fixed Scope, Time and Cost

Waterfall Model is ideal for clients that have relatively well defined set of requirements or outcomes, and want the assurance that the project will not go beyond the agreed budget and timeframe. Based on the project needs and plan, resource allocation are done. The time and cost associated with project are fixed upfront based for the finalised scope and deliverables. If required, a separate Analysis and Design phase is completed prior to the Development phase, to articulate the requirements precisely (including wireframes and/or clickable prototype).
Intergy follows the standard Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for analysis, development and implementation. The following are the high level steps involved.

Agile Team – Time and Materials

This model offers high value and flexibility for the clients who don’t necessarily have a fixed scope of works and/or have evolving project requirements. In order to ensure greater transparency we follow strict project management practices and provide regular reports of various tasks carried out and time taken. Resources for this model are allocated on the based on client requirements or based on the project complexity and technology knowledge requirements, and might include project managers, system architects, business analysts, front and back end developers, and testers.  Cost is billed per hour (and may vary depending on resource type).  Discounts apply to larger projects.

Hire a Developer – Dedicated Developer(Onsite/Offsite)

This model is ideal for clients who have an existing team in place but are looking for supplemental team members to speed up the project or handle extra workload. Intergy resources can work onsite at the clients’ office, or from one of our own offices, and will work based under the direction of the client product/project manager.  This model offers the flexibility for the clients to fully direct the work, and increase or decrease the resources that are working on their projects (no need for a long term commitment).
Our clients would still get support from their dedicated account manager, but be in control of the day-to-day work assigned to the Intergy resources.  Intergy resources will be dedicated to specific projects for the agreed duration. Cost is billed per hour/day based on resource type, resource location and agreed duration.This model is often called as “IT Staff Augmentation“.

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