ARA Mechanical provides energy management of commercial buildings including metering and sub-metering services for corporate and institutional customers in Australia and New Zealand. Their sophisticated meter monitoring systems called ARAmetrics collects large volumes of data such as electricity, gas, water, waste and other sources of measurement, including environmental such as temperature and humidity. Previously, the company Zamatech started the initiative and has since partnered up with ARA Mechanical to continue delivering their quality services to customers. One of the challenges that ARA Mechanical experienced initially with their previous application was configuring and running reports using tools that were inflexible. What the group needed was an application that addressed this challenge and one that models data in a way that suited their customer’s needs.

The Solution - aramechanical-arametrics-utility-reporting-system

The Solution

We created a new reporting application without limitations in terms of reporting, usability and management of the data. The new utility reporting tool seamlessly extracts real-time data from utility logging systems (such as Niagara Framework Systems) and automatically corrects irrelevant utility data.

Benefits and features

Powerful Tools & Graphs for Reporting

The new application features powerful tools for reporting enabling ARA Mechanical to provide accurate graphs and reports on utility monitoring, to all their corporate and institutional customers. This enables clients to improve the performance of their buildings with reduced operating costs, increased revenue and improved compliance efficiency.


Accurate & Real-Time Data Updates

The application harnesses real-time data updates and gathers data collected from electricity, gas, water, waste and other sources of measurement including environment such as temperature and humidity. This has resulted in more accurate and up-to-date reports, enabling clients to have better decision making skills and visibility over their utility consumption and energy management.

Intuitive & User Friendly Dashboard

The application features an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, enabling both staff members and clients to browse through content and perform everyday tasks efficiently. Tools used in the dashboard such as the unique logical tree removes the clutter of irrelevant data gathered and creates a user friendly interface. As a result, not only has this made it easy for clients and staff to access pivotal information and to run reports, it has taken the application to the next level for a more seamless and enhanced customer user experience.


Smart Customisation & Notifications

With this new system, ARA Mechanical can also send email reports at any time, tailor and customise views according to client’s needs, and even tweet live information to changes in energy and water consumption behaviour. Through the use of Microsoft SQL reporting tools, customisation has become significantly easier. No longer are the days of traditional reporting and notifications for the business and its clients. ARA Mechanical has taken up the application to another level with these cutting edge technologies and market changing tools for reporting.


The latest tools and technologies at the time were used to create the utility reporting and management application. ASP.NET4.0 and Telerik RAD controls were used for the customized controls and Telerik’s Tree controls to design the Tree view and inline editing. The application also utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for the database and other programming languages used includes C#, JavaScript, CSS and ASP.NET Ajax to improve efficiency and minimize the data traffic between browser and web server.

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