What is React JS

React is an open-source, front-end JavaScript library that enables ReactJS developers to build user interfaces based on reusable components. The JavaScript library was created by the social media giant Facebook and has since been used to develop popular user interfaces such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Whether you’d like to build a website, social media platform, e-commerce application or game, React JS can help.

ReactJS isn’t just for web apps; its counterpart React Native can also be used to develop cross-platform mobile applications. React Native is an extremely fast and efficient mobile app development environment and works on many of the same principles as React JS.

The Benefits of React JS

After developing React to improve the social media platform Facebook, the technology giant released the development framework to the world. The software makes it easier to write sophisticated front-ends and offers advantages to React developers, businesses and end-users alike:


JavaScript is a commonly used language in the development community, making React technology quick to learn. That means developers have more time to focus on the more complex elements of your solution.


React is based on reusable components, which saves you time and money; elements can easily be extended, switched around and even used across different projects.


One-way data flow in React ensures that changes within components do not affect connected parent components. This makes code easier to debug and ensures business applications are incredibly stable.


ReactJS technology was built with high-performance in mind; it keeps a virtual representation of HTML in memory, known as Virtual DOM. Virtual DOM, alongside server-side rendering, improves performance by updating only the specific components which is changed without reloading the page and makes even complex apps run extremely quickly.


Thanks to its component-based structure, core building blocks are used multiple times across an application. This supports a consistent look and feel and makes the codebase easier to maintain.


React Routing enables to fast refreshing and updating of pages and components without reload the entire page, which is most common user-friendly approach modern web apps


React community is considered as the largest when comparing to other frontend frameworks, and increasing day by day. Development support for react apps are extremely large.

Our React JS Services​

At Intergy, the core aim of our React development services is to build engaging user interfaces and front-end applications. We have a vast amount of experience in building extremely efficient React applications with multiple project needs such as:
Not only do we have experience with the React framework itself, we understand the dynamics of successful business applications. We’ll ensure that your React project is cost-efficient and easily scalable so you can turn your idea into a profitable business investment.

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