What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Due to the growing expectation from consumers of more convenient, higher quality and more cost-effective products and services, businesses are under constant pressure to evolve and innovate, or face extinction. In order to stand out from the pack and provide superior customer service over their competitors, businesses must build increasingly sophisticated internal and external systems, and make good use of the available technology. All this takes careful planning, and resources to execute. This can be problematic if your existing IT staff are already stretched to the max, and resist taking on more work. Existing IT staff might be “stuck in their ways” and not willing or able to innovate. You could consider hiring more staff to complete projects that you know would provide a return to the business, however this could be a costly long term commitment, and somewhat of a lottery as to how quickly (if ever) they would become effective. But you want and need results quickly.

How it works

IT Staff Augmentation is an excellent strategy for bringing more IT capability into your business, to deliver more projects in less time and expense, which is a win-win for everyone involved.

Augmented staff


Lower the risks


Lower the cost


  • Augmented staff are part of your core team.
  • Lower the risks by having full-control of the augmented staff.
  • Add a specific technical expertise that is required for the project, at reasonable costs.
  • Reduce cost of acquiring skills.
  • They will adhere to your internal business process.
  • Communicate and report to your core team as per your requirement.
  • They can work remotely, coming in only at specific times, if office space is an issue.

Why Intergy Consulting?

At Intergy, we will help you scale up and down as required, with no lock-in contracts, and without the need to invest in additional full time staff. Salaries are most businesses largest expense. We have top quality, trained and experienced staff available at competitive rates, which gives you full control. If requirements are subject to change or evolve (which, let’s face it, frequently happens) then your internal managers can re-direct the Intergy staff accordingly. Bring us on for a day, or a year, and let us add value to your team. The timeframe is entirely up to you.
The IT staff augmentation approach is appealing to some businesses, as it will likely be a quicker and easier engagement model, rather than outsourcing the entire project to a third-party company. At Intergy, we offer both options, for the convenience of our clients.We have senior technical and business analyst staff who are ready and available to work on site alongside your team, or we are also happy to work within our own offices and collaborate effectively using online tools, coming in only for detailed requirements gathering and for regular project catch ups.

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