In this article, we discuss several useful strategies in improving the effectiveness (and cost-effectiveness) of your operational business systems. Who wouldn’t want to save a bit of cash, given the current economic situation?

Aside from rent and staff costs, spending on IT systems (especially ongoing software licencing fees and maintenance) can be a major cost to a business, so of course there are opportunities get better value from your investment.

Here are a few ideas:

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  • Outsource your IT work. Going with an external development agency means you can scale up and down resources, with no long-term commitment. This also brings fresh ideas to the table. Make sure you own the IP and source code, at all times. Quality technology advice is worth its weight in gold. Work with big picture thinkers, those who can bring lessons learnt from diverse projects, and who always consider how things can be done better.
  • Become more efficient. Streamline business processes to reduce unnecessary admin, double handling, and (heaven forbid) manual paperwork. This will result in quicker turnaround of tasks, less frustrated staff, and happier customers. Higher sales volumes can be easily accommodated without increasing headcount, and perhaps some internal staff can then be redeployed into more value-added activities, ultimately leading to an upward spiral of success and greater profitability.
  • Consider custom over cookie cutter. If you are using a commercial-off-the-shelf package, not only will the ongoing costs add up (they literally last forever), you become reliant on the vendor for your productivity, security and disaster recovery, and it can be extremely difficult to exit the relationship later on if things go south. If you require a new feature or function, you will have to get in line, and it could be expensive (i.e. you are not in control of the product roadmap, the software vendor is). Consider building and owning the software outright, to get better control and lower your long-term risk.
  • Look at your current provider, are you feeling the love? If you have a custom software application already, consider how cost-effective your current provider is, and how responsive they are. Whilst it is true that not all providers are born equal, it is definitely NOT the case that “the more you pay the better quality you get”. Look for an agency that has both a strong local presence coupled with an experienced offshore team (with common legal ownership, naturally) for the best of both worlds.

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What makes Intergy different?

      • We have worked with over 500 clients.
      • We build it, but you will own the IP when we are done.
      • We have a local team based in Sydney, so you can always talk to someone.
      • We have a large, experienced and certified development team.
      • We are specialists in multiple industries and domains.
      • We are an accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner, making us amongst the top 4% of talk their network.
      • We are technology agnostic, preferring to select the right technology to suit the needs of our clients

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