One of the most difficult challenges business owners face? Visualising the concept. In a choice between elaborate descriptions and an interactive mock-up, visualisation and interaction will win every time.

Prototyping allows you to work with a visual example of a system or software. This means you can see how it would look and behave in real life- preventing budget blow outs.

Here are five ways to save money with prototyping:


Save money with prototyping


1. Meet your deadlines

When you need to move fast, prototyping is the way to go. Prototyping allows you to react quickly and provide instant feedback, keeping everything moving in the right direction. Nothing is perfect the first time around, and it’s hugely time-consuming to try to communicate what you want based on a description.

With prototyping, you can see a physical model in front of you, suggest changes, and have those alterations made right away. If you suggest something that may not be practical or may blow your budget, your software development company can use the model to explain why it wouldn’t be feasible.

2. Work within budget constraints

New software can make a massive difference to your bottom line, and can help you scale effectively with a great ROI. But the initial cost can be a large investment. Labour is one of the biggest costs during the software development process. The more hours developers spend on your project, the more you can expect to spend.

It’s also expensive to make changes while the actual software is being developed. When you use prototyping, both sides are immediately on the same page, so there are no surprises or last-minute changes.

3. Stay on the same page during development

If you’re working with a software development company you haven’t worked with before, you’ll want to see examples of progress and milestones along the way. Even if there are hundreds of testimonials touting the expertise of the company in question, you’re likely to want to see proof that they’re handling your project well.

Prototyping gives you peace of mind. You can easily see that the firm is taking your needs and suggestions seriously and responding to feedback. Any new relationship requires communication and trust, and prototyping can help facilitate these things.

4. Ensure fast turnaround for your team

If your project will impact many different people, those people may all have different ideas about what the end result should look like. Prototyping allows you to update your team and easily share the latest mock-up.

This means that all key contributors can give feedback, while your team also stays on the same page. Everyone is aware of the scope of the project, has seen the latest prototype, and knows what to expect for the end result.

5. Keep the end result in mind

It’s easy for projects to get off-track when multiple people are working together. And the further you move from your goal, the longer the project will take.

By using prototyping, you can ensure that you’re giving clear instructions and specifications. This avoids frustration, saves time for both sides, and helps your bottom line.

If you can relate to any of the above examples, prototyping may be right for your business. If you’re considering a new software solution, or you’d like to learn more about how we use prototyping, get in touch today.

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