Intergy is a long time Microsoft certified partner, with Gold competencies in Application Development and Application Integration (Data Platform in progress) and a Silver competency in Cloud Platform services.  We can provide enterprise expertise and ensure your hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications can be developed and managed in one powerful Azure Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of extremely useful services for businesses of all sizes, for your comprehensive insight into what can be achieved with Azure to implement and optimise your business processes, whereby maximising your business efficiency and security with the following aspects of Azure:

  • Azure Application Development
  • Azure Application Integration
  • Azure Databases
  • Azure Identity Management Service and Access Control Security
  • Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • Azure Network and Security

Azure Application Development

Azure Application Development

Azure provides a complete platform to develop applications, giving you full flexibility to use a wide range of technologies and programming languages.  Whether your favourite language is .NET, PHP, Python, Java or NodeJS, the Azure development platform can cater for all of them.

  • DevOps – Use Microsoft DevOps tools and practices for planning, operating, developing, and delivering better value with continuous software delivery. Manage, track and gain full visibility across products and projects to empower your team. Use Kanban / Azure boards to manage backlogs, track issues, and report.
  • Create development, test and production environments in matter of minutes from the Azure portal and tailor to suit the needs of your organisation.
  • Securely code from anywhere – using Windows Virtual Desktops for remote development environments or Git Code Spaces for cloud hosted development environments.
  • Minimise costs and maximise control – Azure DevTestLabs provides a central location to manage dev/test environments with full control of VM’s. Using Azure Cost Management for increased visibility of costs, and scale up or down as required.
  • Azure Resource Manager provides an intuitive and consistent management layer to manage resources and Azure deployment services easily and efficiently.
  • Azure pipelines, e-commerce, game development, low code application development, serverless computing, mobile development, microservice applications, messaging services and much more can be done through Azure Application Development.

Azure Application Integration

Azure Application Integration

Build integrated solutions connecting on-premises resource and cloud resources and workflows together to scale seamlessly. Some of the Azure Integration tools that can come in handy are:

Azure Logic Apps – a containerized service to host custom business workflows, predefined connectors to integrate with Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams and much more.  Boost productivity with seamlessly automated business critical workflows without writing much code. Azure Logic Apps also supports Application Insights feature for automatic recording and measures.

Azure Service Bus – reliable cloud message service that can connect multiple distributed back-end systems. Simplify cloud messaging and implement complex messaging workflows that can scale out.

API Management – Streamline your business process with hybrid / multi cloud environments with a single place to manage all your API’s. Giving the API’s priority will enable you to build apps faster and deliver immediate value to your business. Features like mocking, revisions, versioning, and automating API documentation will help you easily manage front and back-end teams.

Event Grid – power your event-driven and serverless apps with high availability, consistency, and scaling.  Focus on core app logic and not worry about infrastructure. Build serverless applications with HTTP-based event delivery and cater for microservices and distributed systems. Fully managed event delivery, intelligent filtering, and the ability to send events to multiple recipients allow you to focus on solving business problems rather than infrastructure.

Azure Functions – develop and deploy Serverless applications that are meant to be short-lived and stateless — until you need them to solve stateful problems. Azure functions run in the cloud without the need for a server and can simplify complex, stateful coordination requirements programmatically in event-driven applications with the Durable Functions extension. With over 250 connectors provided by Azure Logic Apps, Azure functions can also be used on declarative workflows.

Azure Data Factory – Integrate data with Azure Data Factory — a fully managed, serverless data integration service. Visually integrate data sources with more than 90 built-in, maintenance-free connectors at no added cost.

Azure Databases

Azure Databases

Azure offers fully managed database options that can reduce the costs of stability, maintenance, scalability, and security – giving you peace of mind when comes to database-based apps development.

Azure SQL Database

Develop, accelerate, and deliver modern apps faster with fully managed latest version of Azure SQL Database that remains evergreen in the cloud environment. With the extended SQL Server capabilities which you never need to worry about updates, upgrades, and security. High availability, tuning, monitoring and much more can be done with ease from the Azure portal.

Azure Managed SQL Instance

Work more efficiently and boost your productivity while Azure manages complex tasks like high-availability, disaster recovery and automated backups on your behalf. Combines all operational, functional benefits and best of SQL Server as a Service.

SQL database on Virtual machine

Move your SQL Server database to the cloud but still maintain the functional capabilities and operating system compatibility and enable hybrid connectivity and complete code compatibility.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Concentrate on creating innovative applications and not on database management, with fully intelligent Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Simple and guided experience for end-to-end deployments seamlessly.  Horizontal scale and distribute data across cluster to rebalance as you grow.

Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Database for MySQL is easy to set up, operate and scale to maintain high availability and advanced security. Attain maximum stability, flexibility, and control of database operations with the latest community editions and tight integration with Azure Services. Seamlessly integrate Azure Database for MySQL with Azure App Service to enable deployment of popular web apps, including Magento, Shopify, Moodle, Alfresco, Drupal and WordPress.

Azure Database for MariaDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Database Migration Service, Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra and many more services are offered by Azure.

Azure Identity Management Service and Access Control Security

Azure Identity Management Service and Access Control Security

Microsoft Azure AD is a cloud-based directory and identity management service and can cater for multi-tenancy/multi-domain. Implementing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for your Application identity and access management is an excellent way to secure your platform.  Azure offers one combined solution for core directory services, application access management, and identity protection.

Azure identity management and access control capabilities include:

Single Sign-on – being able to access the resources and applications on different platforms and devices with a single sign on (SSO) process. The need to maintain multiple usernames & passwords can be avoided and managing / revoking access can be done at the organisational level. Azure AD’s security and access governance controls allows you to centrally manage users access across all your applications and SaaS services.

Multi-factor authentication – Users and groups can be enabled for Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to prompt for additional verification during the sign-in event. It is easy to enable Microsoft Authenticator App for all Azure AD tenants.

Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) – Access management for cloud resources is a critical function for any organization that is using the cloud. Using Azure RBAC roles-based access control (Azure RBAC) you can manage who has access to Azure resources, what they can do with those resources, and what areas they have access to.

Security monitoring, alerts, and reporting – Sign-in events, Integrated Application reports providing insight into your cloud applications, machine learning based reports to identify inconsistent access patterns, user specific report error reports and activity logs to monitor your access security.

Device Registration, Privileged Identity Management, Identity protection and much more can be implemented using Azure AD.

Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Next generation applications can be developed quickly and effectively using Azure AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. Azure AI provides secure and proven AI capabilities that can work under your terms.

Azure Applied AI Services

Realise tangible benefits for your business by implementing Azure AI Services for your common business processes in matter of days not months. Build task specific AI Models, train them, apply due intelligence and produce structured data for visualization.

Azure Bot Service – Supports Conversational AI Service while providing full control to manage your data. Multilingual bots can help your sales team, customer support and increase employee productivity. The services can be rendered with your brand and relayed to multiple channels like phone, Microsoft Teams etc.

Azure Form Recognizer – Data extraction service that can understand your unstructured data in the documents and produce informative structured data that can be consumed by other services and business applications. Advanced machine learning can be applied to produce tables, structures and key value pairs that can be used for predictive modelling, automate predictions, and visualise data.

Azure Video Analyser, Azure Immersive Reader, Azure Metrics Advisor are a few other services that can help in extracting actionable insights from your video files, embed text reading and comprehension services and proactively monitor and diagnose issues.

Azure Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services brings Artificial Intelligence capabilities within the reach of regular developers, without having to have extensive knowledge in Machine Learning. In one API call you can embed the ability to see, hear, speak, search and accelerate decision making into your apps.

  • Make rapid and smarter decisions with Anomaly Detector, Content Moderator and Personaliser.
  • Give meaning to your unstructured data using Language Understanding, QnA Maker, Text Analytics and Translator.
  • Integrate speech capabilities into your apps with Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Speech Translation, Speaker Recognition.
  • Identify and analyse content within images and videos using Computer Vision, Custom Vision and Face recognition.

More on Azure AI and Machine Learning can be found at How microsoft azure machine learning can help your business article.

Azure Network and Security

Azure Network and Security

Azure’s network and security service offerings are enterprise grade that can provide high-availability, performance, load balancing and optimal security for your demanding business workloads.

  • Azure Virtual Network – Isolated and highly secure environment that can connect everything, from Virtual Machines, VPN’s, Gateway’s and more.
  • Load Balancer – Balance inbound and outbound connections of your business applications, setup secured private network in minutes to route your incoming and outbound requests through the load balancer and network security groups (NSG). Automatic scaling of the Azure Load Balancer feature makes sure high availability of your core business apps.
  • Azure Firewall and Protection – Multi-layered security with Azure Application Gateway, Firewall and DDoS protection against network layer attacks and common application attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting and session, and protect your web application.
  • Traffic Manager and Private link – Flexible 6 types of DNS routing options that can improve performance, content delivery, reduce application downtime and distribute the incoming traffic to multiple locations and maintain stability and sustainability of your business applications. With enhanced security and compliance at the same time simplify the way you access the Azure Services via Private link.
  • Remote work connectivity – On premise and Azure networks can be easily and securely connected using secure IPsec – Internet Protocol and Security. Azure VPN Gateway lets you securely use the internet and access your Virtual Networks.
  • Analysing and Monitoring – Network Watcher and Internet Analyser lets you diagnose and analyse network issues and monitor internet performance when there are network infrastructure changes, so it does not affect your application.


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