What is Digital Transformation Consulting?

Digital transformation is about creating and implementing strategies to take advantage of existing and emerging technologies, in order to unlock the maximum potential of your business. Customers have come to expect real time access to important information, frequent and engaging communication, and high quality responsive customer service. Intergy’s experienced digital strategy consultants will guide you through the complex digital landscape so you can exceed your customers’ expectations and emerge stronger and more competitive.

How it works

We design, analyse, and justify solutions by first thoroughly understanding the needs of your business. Our extensive experience with Digital Transformation Consulting means your business is in safe hands. We’ll answer your questions in plain English, clearly explaining your options along the way.

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We follow three distinct steps: Assessment, Strategy and Implementation. Our consultants will facilitate detailed workshops with each of the key stakeholders within your organisation, and (optionally) undertake an audit your existing systems and procedures. Our plans will consider findings and recommendations from the audit, as well any overarching business goals and objectives.

Why Intergy Consulting?

Intergy is your ‘digital transformation facilitator’. We’re completely independent and our highly skilled consulting team will help you navigate through the complex digital world. Every department and sub-system must communicate seamlessly with each other for maximum efficiency. Management must also have full visibility of your data, in real time, to make the best decisions. We remove the blockages and headaches along the way, and ensure your ultimate success.

Our Digital transformation consulting services help you uncover problems and find the most appropriate solutions. This increases ROI, helps you maintain peak performance with streamlined functionality.

Our digital transformation consultants have an in-depth understanding of business process automation, having been exposed to literally hundreds of businesses (large and small) for decades. We also listen carefully to what you need, helping you to optimise your business operations, decrease costs, improve customer service and resource efficiency.

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Case Studies : Digital Transformation Consulting

SMA – Business Management System in Microsoft Azure

SMA – Business Management System in Microsoft Azure

Since 2013, State Medical Assistance (SMA), has been specialising in the provision of Patient Transport, On-Site & Event Medical and Clinical Governance. With their experienced and qualified operational, customer service and leadership team, they deliver high quality, safe, flexible, patient centered and value for money in health care.
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