What is the Power Platform?

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The Power Platform is a collection of Microsoft business applications that allow you to analyse and visualise data, automate processes, optimise workflows and build data-driven solutions. The Power Platform stems from the belief that businesses should be able to easily harness their data and derive value. As such, the Power Platform’s suite of applications and services work smoothly together as well as integrating with other Microsoft solutions. Moreover, the Power Platform’s low-code/no-code approach delivers the efficiency and agility you need to harness the power of data with minimal technical expertise. With the Power Platform, the power is in your hands to drive your business forward.

The Benefits of the Power Platform

Your organisation can prosper when you empower employees to create solutions using the Power Platform. Moreover, by optimising processes and becoming more efficient, you can gain the agility you need to stand out from the competition. In fact, the Power Platform delivers many business benefits, including:


Without the need for expensive software, hardware and infrastructure, you can reduce application development costs by almost 50%


By gaining insights into business operations and streamlining business processes, you can make faster and more informed decisions.


With a low-code development environment, you can speed up development and get solutions to market faster.


By using the Power Platform to optimise business processes and respond faster to market changes, you can achieve a 140% ROI over three years.


By automating processes and creating custom applications and workflows, your employees can become more productive.

Our Power Platform Services

We can help you plan and deliver no-code/low-code solutions using the Power Platform’s comprehensive range of tools. With our services, you can solve problems quickly, save resources and deliver value immediately. What’s more, our extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s wider ecosystem ensures solutions integrate seamlessly into your business and empowers you with the tools to scale and drive your business. Our collaborative development process enables you to tackle complex problems at scale and achieve greater business outcomes. Whatever you need, our range of services can support you:


We can deliver detailed demonstrations of the Power Platform and its tools and create a tailored plan for use cases within your business.


We offer a comprehensive range of Power Platform development services covering everything from prototyping to full-scale end-to-end development.


We’re committed to helping you get the most from the Power Platform, whether that’s integrating your solution or providing training.

Our Power Platform Solutions

The Power Platform consists of four core business solutions that enable you to rapidly build and deploy applications, implement end-to-end automation, improve productivity, embrace business intelligence, and drive value.

Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps

Power Apps is a collection of services and connectors that, together with a data platform, provide a rapid development environment for building custom apps. With Power Apps, you can quickly build solutions that connect data and deliver the rich business logic and workflow capabilities you need to transform your business. What’s more, you can do all of that without needing to write complex code, putting the power in your hands to achieve more. Read More >>

Power Automate

Power Automate is a software tool that enables users to create automated workflows between various apps and services. By using the software, you can streamline repetitive tasks and business processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. What’s more, by giving everyone the ability to automate organisational processes, you can free up resources and boost productivity. Read More >>

Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft Power Pages

Power Pages

Power Pages is an enterprise-grade, low-code platform for creating and hosting external-facing business websites that work across all browsers and devices. The platform delivers rich, customisable templates and an intuitive visual experience. With Power Pages, you can quickly design, configure and publish websites using shared business data from across the Power Platform. Read More >>

Power BI

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that enables you to connect, visualise and analyse data in real time. The end-to-end platform creates a single source of truth and helps you to uncover more powerful insights and use them to drive decision-making. With Power BI, you can infuse data into the apps your business uses every day and make decisions with confidence. Read More >>

Microsoft Power BI

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