Launched in 1932, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has become a much loved part of the Australian society and its cultural fabric. From a single radio service, the ABC radio station has developed into a multi-platform media operation and a public broadcaster of international renown, delivering Australian stories and conversations across the nation and to the region.

A key challenge for the ABC Transmission team was to improve their on-line fault reporting services to reduce call center traffic. Secondly their website’s existing interface has become outdated. The ABC radio team wanted to improve this in order to enhance user experience and also empower their audience to be self sufficient with better troubleshooting and fault finding tools for reception issues.


The Solution

Partnering with Mobile Embrace, we delivered a new user experience based on the feedback from focus groups. We then leveraged off both of these to achieve ABC’s Business Goals. This solution was a balance between a power packed admin area and an upgraded user experience design. The admin driven CMS gives the ABC radio network the ability to dynamically manage their content and scale up in the future.

Benefits and features

Enhanced user experience

The site features an improved user interface (UI) for both desktop and mobile, optimizing the tools and the nation wide services data set into an easily digestible form. As part of Australian government regulations, we’ve also included accessibility enhancements to cater for a varied user base.

ABC Intuitive User Friendly Service- Reception Locator Mobile
ABC Google Maps Integration

Seamless Integration with Google Maps

The site enables users to find ABC services including frequencies via postcode search. We also integrated with Google Maps to provide a visual representation of where the coverage areas are for faults and planned outages within a specified area.

Content Management System Toolset

The site is also integrated with a Content Management System (CMS) where the ABC team can manage the site’s content dynamically. The system is also power-packed with tools that enables the ABC team to better notify their audience when there are transmission faults.


Dynamic Search and Frequency Finder

The site presents users with a friendly user interface which allows them to find services including ABC frequencies easier, perform troubleshooting and view content rich information in a seamless manner.


The latest technologies and tools were used to develop the website.

Interface Layer

Built with a responsive web design, the interface layer is written in HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Business Rules Layer

Laravel is the PHP framework we used for this project and it features a globally supported model view controller (MVC) architecture.

Data Layer

Microsoft SQL Server was used in the database layer of the system and hosted in Microsoft Azure.

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