Our team

We aspire to work in long-term partnerships with our clients, in relationships characterised by mutual trust, respect and benefit. We work closely with our trusted business partners in related IT fields such as networking and infrastructure, or directly with your in-house IT team, to achieve the best results.


David Crotty

Founder and Managing Director

David is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience in the IT and Digital industry. Prior to establishing Intergy, he spent a number of years in the US and Canada, managing key aspects of multi-million dollar software projects in the utilities industry.

David is responsible for overall business strategy and performance, and has attained a broad spectrum of experiences by working with top-tier global business consulting firms, as well as local small businesses. He has a passion for improving global efficiency and productivity, one business at a time.


Gunasekar Doraiswamy


Gunasekar is responsible for shaping the technological strategy of the company, including establishment of standards and procedures to increase operational efficiency and mitigate project risks. Guna holds an MBA, and brings his solid solution architecture, business management and BI skills to the table, developed over 25 years in the IT industry. Earlier in his career, Guna played a key role in transforming an Australian-based premium mobile messaging company into a globally recognised brand, by contributing under various roles in technology and management.

Our talented team is comprised of over 65 staff across two offices. We’re proud of our highly qualified staff and their “One-Team” ethos. Our passion for people, software, and positive work-life balance enables our staff to work at their best.

Our mission

We provide a competitive advantage for our SME partners through digital transformations, tailored to business needs. Our distinct business model provides excellent value, innovation, and technology leadership for our clients.


Value and Quality

Our global team allows us to offer you unbelievable value without compromising on excellent Australian quality standards and customer service.


You Own it

Your solution is tailored to you. You’ll only pay once and will own the Intellectual Property (IP) with no subscription costs.


Our Values

We believe in creativity, integrity and equality.

Our Approach

Our highly skilled team of in-house IT professionals will take the time to understand your business and propose the most strategic and effective way forward. We work closely with you at every stage of the software development lifecycle to deliver the best possible results for your business — on time and within budget.


INITIATIONUnderstanding your goals

We aim to understand your business back to front, and will discuss your requirements before giving you an initial cost estimate for your solution.

We’ll then carry out in-depth analysis work, providing you with accurate estimates for the duration of the project and how much it will cost. We follow proven processes and procedures, so our experienced project managers can provide you with cost-effective software development solutions.


DESIGN AND PLANNINGConnect with your customers everywhere

Once we understand your requirements, we’re ready to design your solution. Our team will be focused on thinking outside of the box as we design your infrastructure or architecture, make further analysis of risks, identify all system components, and create a data model and a network design, so you receive the most innovative solutions.

We then present a schedule of work which includes deadlines, timings, and any risks we’ve identified. We’ll only proceed once you’re completely happy with our detailed plan.


DEVELOPMENTBringing your project to life

We build your solution while keeping channels of communication open, so that you’re kept up-to-date with the project status.

We provide regular client reviews, which help to share our progress, identify any challenges and rectify problems.


UNIT TEST AND CODE REVIEWImproving the quality

We thoroughly test each part of your solution to ensure that the application is fully functional and accurate, while satisfying the detailed business logic and transformation rules.

We will then conduct a code review, which is a systematic examination of source code to identify any inaccuracies, ensuring the high quality of the software. These code reviews ensure your code excludes any vulnerabilities and will improve your software security and reliability.


SYSTEM TESTEnhancing performance

Next, we system test the entire solution, referring to the functional and design specifications. This step ensures that the system as a whole is designed correctly and operates to specification. We focus on your solution performance, security, usability, error handling, and scalability.


QUALITY ASSURANCEMeeting your expectations

Our extensive software testing provides the level of comfort to ensure we meet both your technical requirements and your business goals.

We provide warranties for all our work, which is only complete when you’re satisfied that we’ve achieved your desired functionality, usability, stability, performance and qualities.


ONGOING SUPPORTKeeping you on the cutting edge

Our commitment doesn’t end after you’ve received a fully tested system and we offer long-term client support services.

These include: technical support, product maintenance, and enhancements to the system to keep it up-to-date with the latest technologies and business growth.



To strengthen our capabilities and better serve our customers, we have established solid and long standing business relationships with some of the industry’s leading software vendors.

ISO 27001 Certified

international Organisation for Standardisation 27001 Certified

We have achieved the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This accreditation represents our dedication to making information security a high priority in our operations.


Intergy Consulting is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Data & AI (Azure), and Infrastructure (Azure). This is objective evidence of our knowledge, tools, and capabilities in helping our customers succeed with best-of-breed technologies. We are genuine leaders in our field, and can empower our customers to become leaders in theirs too."



We are honoured to be awarded the Business NSW Award for Excellence in Innovation for the Sydney Metro region. This award is a testament to our incredible team and their almost 20 years of hard work across countless projects.


Prequalified supplier under the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020)

We are approved under the following Systems & Solutions categories:
M01. Business Analysis
M02. Custom Application Development
M03. ERP Services including Electronic Document & Records, Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Case Management Services
M04. Other software services
M05. Information Management Services
M06. Web Design & Content Management Services
M07. Software Support & Maintenance Services
M08. Testing Services

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