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Why choose .NET development?

.NET is a software framework created by Microsoft which allows developers to quickly develop enterprise-level web applications, which are highly robust, secure and scalable.

Microsoft Visual Studio, the integrated development environment used to create .NET applications, facilitates rapid software development.  Commonly used user controls are built in, which often results in less reliance on third party libraries and customised code. This means that large and complex applications can be built quickly and easily, lowering the ongoing cost of maintenance for business owners.

.NET development also has many built-in security features, meaning that the developed applications are generally more secure than their open source counterparts. Thousands of applications have been developed on the .NET framework since it was released in 2002, and it’s known to be both stable and reliable, with plentiful developer support (particularly for Microsoft Certified Partners, such as Intergy).

.NET applications can help to streamline business processes in any part of a business, including Finance and accounting apps, CRM, Logistics applications, Product/inventory systems, Job management systems, Billing systems, Supply chain management, Sales and Marketing software, Windows services apps, and many others.

These applications can also be used across a variety of platforms and devices, and .NET is also ideal for web services which are used for transmitting data and integrating with other systems.

Intergy Consulting has many years of experience in .NET development for both web and desktop-based applications. Our experienced programmers can build customised .NET software solutions to satisfy the individual needs of your business – large or small.

Gold Microsoft Partner Application DevelopmentWe are a Microsoft Gold Partner for  consistently delivering multiple proven, value driven Microsoft Solutions. We are amongst the 1% of Microsoft Partners who have achieved a gold certification in application development.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification validates our expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognised exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

As a MCP, we have access to a greater pool of resources to help our development team remain at the forefront of technology and be in a better position to serve our client base.

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We provide digital asset management software development which is completely tailored for the way you use your assets. Whether you have team members remote working and collaborating around the globe, you’re struggling to manage your current assets, or you’re looking for a flexible, intuitive workflow, we can help.

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Case studies: .NET Development

Everlon Bronze Online Product Design Tool

Technology : .NET development

Everlon Bronze previously had a thick client based software application for order management. It required intervention of staff in the customer order process forcing them to work on administrative issues rather than focusing on expanding their business operations.



ARA Mechanical

Technology : .NET development

We created a new reporting application without limitations in terms of reporting, usability and management of the data. The new utility reporting tool extracts data from utility logging systems (such as Niagara Framework Systems).


one tick

Onetick Technology Pty Ltd

Technology : .NET development

We created a fully functional web-based automated risk and governance system with pre-repair financing, factoring decision analysis and reporting functionality.


real wealth australia

Real Wealth Australia

Technology : .NET development

We built a desktop application called the ‘Number Cruncher’, which has a rich user interface and provides multiple reports, which allows users to effectively manage their properties.


open colleges

Open Colleges

Technology : .NET development

We created a website called “Edupay” to manage the enrolment and payment processing for Open Colleges. Students can use Edupay to enrol and pay for courses online.


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