What is Node.js

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform environment that runs on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and executes code outside the web browser. In simple terms, that means that developers can use C, C++ and JavaScript to build entire websites and applications. Instead of needing different languages for server-side and client-side scripts, developers can use a single programming language, reuse code across entire projects and unify the development process.

Boasting one of the largest ecosystems of open source code in the world, it’s no wonder the framework has been used by multinational organisations such as eBay, Microsoft and PayPal. Node.js is the perfect solution for building scalable network applications and real-time, data-intensive applications running across distributed devices.

The Benefits of Node.js

Thanks to its ability to use JavaScript on both front and back-end, Node.js opens up many new development opportunities to build high-performing, scalable, real-time services. Its fast growth and popularity are due to the vast list of benefits the framework provides, such as:


As Node.js is single-threaded and asynchronous, it is capable of handling a large volume of simultaneous connections and calling multiple APIs; the result is that it delivers vast scalability.


Not only can developers use JavaScript throughout Node.js projects, but a vast set of packages are available in the Node.js ecosystem, which can further simplify development projects.


With cross-platform support, developers are able to build SaaS solutions, websites, desktop apps and mobile apps, all using one framework.


As both the front and back-end can be managed in JavaScript as a single language, Node.js solutions are far easier to maintain and update.


The lightweight Node.js technology comes with many tools, libraries and solutions to accelerate development speed. Meanwhile, reusable templates and language consistency improve data synchronisation.

Non-blocking code

This is the strongest reason to select node as your server. Node is completely event driven and majority of the code runs basing on callbacks. This approach helps the application not to pause or sleep, but to become available for other requests.

Concurrent request handling

Node can handle thousands of concurrent connections with a very minimal overhead on a single process.

Our Node.js Development Services

At Intergy, our team of Node.js web developers has extensive experience in JavaScript development and is adept at using Node.js to build fast, scalable solutions. Our services include:

We can help you review existing code, develop lightweight, adaptable applications, create dynamic server-side applications and build secure REST APIs. Whatever you need, we aim to support you throughout the development cycle and beyond to ensure that your solutions deliver the best possible return on investment. Ultimately, we use our Node.js expertise to help you realise business opportunities and build scalable solutions.

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