What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source front-end development framework maintained by Google and used for building dynamic web applications. Its most prominent feature is that it’s entirely based on HTML and Javascript, allowing AngularJS developers to extend HTML’s syntax to clearly and concisely express application components.

Ultimately, Angular is what HTML would have been if it had been designed specifically for application development and it enables developers to rapidly build expressive and readable applications. As such, Angular is an ideal framework for building websites and applications that need to load quickly while delivering an excellent user experience.

The Benefits of AngularJS​​

The Angular framework delivers the productivity and scalability to support everything from prototypes to Google’s largest applications. It’s expressive, yet simple nature allows developers to focus on building apps rather than worrying whether code works and results in some significant business benefits:


Developers only need to learn one way to build apps and can then reuse code and capabilities across any platform be it web, mobile, or desktop.


By adding Angular attributes to HTML, developers can quickly build fully functioning applications.


Angular boasts a vast amount of features, not least declarative templates and the ability to extend the HTML language with custom-built components.


All coding happens within the browser which makes Angular an ideal partner for any library or server technology.


As it’s backed by Google and a huge community, Angular code is efficient, reliable, scalable and continually updated.


Ever feature can be changed or replaced to meet your unique development workflow and feature needs


Data binding and dependency injection eliminate a lot of code, reduce unnecessary complexity and increase load and response times.

Our AngularJS Development Services​

At Intergy, we are well known for our ability to build innovative, high performance and engaging HTML-based applications with AngularJS application development. More than that, we focus on ensuring that every AngularJS application is not only highly functional, scalable and secure, but that it meets your unique business and IT needs. Our AngularJS services include:

So, whether you need to streamline or extend the functionality of an existing app development project, create an enterprise-scale solution or build a feature-rich mobile application, we have the skills and experience you need to make your project a success.

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