Businesses and service providers are increasingly creating their own software assets to solve problems and make their operations more efficient rather than relying upon inflexible off-the-shelf technology which attracts never ending monthly fees.

We work with clients to determine how business workflows and processes can be automated or improved with technology. In the last financial year, we enjoyed revenue growth of 25 per cent on the back of increasing demand for smart tailored software solutions.

Our Founder and Managing Director, David Crotty, says their clients come from a range of industries including healthcare, financial and professional services, manufacturing, education and law. He says they have usually tried a ready-made software solution but need a more tailored program to solve specific problems, or service their customers more effectively or creatively than their competition.

“Our clients come to us most of the time with the clever ideas and knowing how their business can be vastly improved,” Mr Crotty says.

“They tell us their stories and we examine their business processes and consider current technologies to help them find a better solution.”

Mr Crotty says they are working with Brisbane-based Audio Visual Distributors (AVD) to develop a tablet-based & BYOD software application enabling doctors and nurses to complete surgical reports in theatre during or immediately after an operation. AVD has manufactured a purpose-built encoder that interfaces to video-based surgical devices in the theatre, while Intergy has been engaged to design and develop the software application and BYOD applications that interfaces with it.

AVD Technical Director, Simon Fourie, explained that “This new solution will save a huge amount of administration time where medical staff have to manually alter existing less sophisticated reports to achieve what surgeons want. They’ll be able to work on & generate reports in real time enabling all actions and comments to be recorded and saved against patient records for audit purposes”.

Custom Built Software- A New Trend to Solve Business Problems

“The hardware platform and software interacts with multiple endoscopic camera’s and other video equipment in the surgery via the encoder, and with the business application overlaid, enables medical staff to create comprehensive procedural reports and capture essential information on the fly”, he added.

In Law, a profession steeped in tradition and not normally associated with cutting-edge technology, Intergy are working with several Australian law firms to help them become more innovative.

“Professions like law have been traditionally very slow to adopt change but we’re now seeing firms adopting technology for better practice, improved efficiency and increased client engagement,” he says.

“This includes everything from document automation, development of artificial intelligence to streamline certain repetitive processes, to real-time KPI dashboards.”

Mr Crotty says they have a legal client whose goal is to eliminate as much paperwork as possible, allowing lawyers to focus more on key service areas.

“Gone will be the days of client folders and old case notes stored in boxes for years on end,” he says.

“It’s very rewarding to be a part of helping businesses make the most of modern technology to find solutions to improve efficiency, workflows and service delivery.”

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