How We Helped SMA Create a Comprehensive Business
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State Medical Assistance (SMA)

State Medical Assistance (SMA) is a healthcare organisation based in Australia that specialises in providing ambulance services to various hospitals across the country. Their primary focus is on ensuring prompt and reliable transportation for patients in need of urgent medical care. As an essential component of the healthcare infrastructure, SMA is committed to delivering high-quality and compassionate ambulance services. They prioritise patient safety, accessibility, and efficient operations to meet the needs of individuals requiring urgent medical attention.

SMA's dedication to excellence is reflected in their ongoing efforts to optimise their IT infrastructure, enhance service capabilities, and streamline operations. By leveraging technology and strategic partnerships, SMA aims to continuously improve their service delivery and provide the best possible care to patients in need.

Understanding the critical role of IT in delivering efficient ambulance services, SMA sought a partner capable of delivering superior IT solutions. SMA made a strategic choice to shift their IT service provider and entrust their IT operations to Intergy for improved services.


Since 2013, State Medical Assistance (SMA), has been specialising in the provision of Patient Transport, On-Site & Event Medical and Clinical Governance. With their experienced and qualified operational, customer service and leadership team, they deliver high quality, safe, flexible, patient centred and value for money in health care.

Their vision takes form as a 100% Australian owned health care organisation which operates across NSW, VIC, WA and ACT in Australia and leads the market in service quality, safety, clinical governance, and compliance. SMA is ISO 9001, 14001, 22301, 45001 and 27001 certified.

SMA faced several challenges stemming from their previous IT provider, resulting in technical debts that impeded their operations. The existing application exhibited over 100 unresolved issues, which required immediate attention and rectification. Additionally, SMA aimed to expand their business capabilities to operate efficiently across different time zones in Australia. They also sought a more streamlined billing process based on contractual agreements with new hospitals and desired a shared planner for better coordination across hospitals.

From an infrastructure point of view, SMA's solution architecture was already in Azure and their existing infrastructure provider, Cubesys, enhanced and supported it prior to Intergy's involvement.


The Solution

Software and Infrastructure Audit Process

Intergy was initially engaged to perform a deep-dive audit on the existing functionality, architecture, technologies used and cloud design in terms of:
As an output of the audit process, Intergy submitted a report to SMA with our findings including security vulnerabilities remediations, performance improvements, and better programming standards. After our findings, Intergy’s consultants worked alongside SMA and their infrastructure provider, (Cubesys) in re-imagining the existing architecture in accordance with SMA’s long-term application goals.



SMA approached Intergy with the focus on the following areas:

SMA wanted to work with a technology partner who could address the above goals by enhancing their existing application, fixing existing (inherited) bugs and providing stability in terms of performance, availability, security and scalability.


SMA’s application facilitates patient transport from one location to other. The various systems of the application are as follows:

Solutions Consulting


Taking over the IT responsibilities for SMA, Intergy embarked on a comprehensive approach to address their challenges and fulfill their requirements.

Resolving Technical Debts

Intergy meticulously identified and resolved over 100 issues within SMA's existing application, rectifying the technical debts accumulated from the previous IT provider. This measure ensured system stability and reliability.

System Enhancements

  • We successfully implemented system enhancements that enabled SMA to conduct seamless operations across different time zones, ensuring efficient ambulance services around the clock.
  • Our team developed new billing models tailored to SMA's needs. These models enable SMA to accurately bill new hospitals based on contractual agreements, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  • Recognizing the importance of efficient trip coordination, we introduced a shared planner feature, facilitating better collaboration and coordination across different hospital trips.

Infrastructure Improvements

  • We worked closely with Cubesys to enhance SMA's application infrastructure, focusing on performance optimization and reliability. This collaboration ensured a smooth user experience for SMA personnel and the hospitals they serve.
  • In response to SMA's evolving needs, we are currently in discussions to propose and develop a high availability system. This system will further enhance SMA's operations by ensuring uninterrupted service provision to hospitals, even during critical scenarios.

Microsoft Azure Architecture & Solution

The following Azure services were used to provide the optimal cloud solution for the application to operate:

Key Takeaways


  • .Net, React UI, React Native, SQL Server, Azure Infrastructure.


  • Tom Tom Webfleet, MIMS, Snomed, Sendgrid, Google Maps, Datadog.
  • The expertise of the Intergy team in these technologies and integrations has played a crucial role in the successful running of the application. Our proficiency ensures a seamless integration of various components, optimal performance, and the ability to leverage the full potential of these technologies and integrations to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

Results and Benefits

  • The collaboration between SMA and Intergy yielded significant results and benefits: Resolution of Technical Debts: Over 100 issues within the existing application were successfully addressed, eliminating obstacles, and improving system stability.
  • Enhanced Business Capabilities: SMA can now operate seamlessly across different time zones, providing efficient ambulance services around the clock.
  • Improved Infrastructure: Collaborative efforts improved SMA’s application infrastructure, resulting in enhanced performance and reliability for a smoother user experience.
  • Future High Availability System: The proposal and development of a high availability system will further bolster SMA’s operations, ensuring uninterrupted service provision to hospitals.


Through our partnership with SMA, we successfully resolved technical debts, implemented essential enhancements, and optimized the application infrastructure. The improvements made by our team have significantly strengthened SMA’s IT capabilities, allowing them to provide top-notch ambulance services across Australia. Our ongoing collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting SMA’s mission of delivering high-quality medical assistance.

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