Creating an Appointment Booking Application for IMO

Independent Medical Opinion (IMO), owned by parent company Nordwake, incorporates a group of companies that offer personal injury assessment and management services. These include Medicolegal Reporting Services of Australia (MLRSA), Specialist Opinion Group, and Vocational Capacity Centre

Nordwake is an ISO Certified company under multiple categories, known for its excellence in operating procedures. Having such a company trust us with their systems and data security has been a privilege for Intergy that we don’t take lightly. Intergy has been providing technology transformation and modernisation services to IMO/Nordwake for over 8 years now.

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The Solution


When IMO initially approached Intergy, they had a legacy application which was built using the Classic ASP scripting language. This came with several known limitations, including:
Intergy took over the project and started by converting major modules to ASP.NET with an effective User Interface and advanced features to make the platform run faster, more efficiently and accommodating all day-to-day business needs.

Client Testimonial

Intergy has helped us modernise our applications, enabling us to give quality customer service to our clients. Their team is always available and willing to assist with changes or amendments that we need to implement to meet the varied needs of our clients, as well as to comply with regulatory requirements.


The application we built for IMO succeeded in delivering the bespoke functionality they needed, which in turn enabled their staff to:
These reporting tools enable the IMO Management Team to view appointments that are booked, held, cancelled, rescheduled, and more. The application also provides both a high-level and drill-down view of reports sent out, amounts invoiced, and gross margins. The bespoke application is therefore crucial in ensuring that all operations within the company are carried out efficiently and accurately, and the importance of this is further highlighted by the strict compliance requirements of the health industry.

Over the years, Intergy has also enhanced the custom application with multiple value-added improvements, such as:

Microsoft Azure Migration - The Perfect Solution

As the custom software development provider for IMO, Intergy has been vital in developing, enhancing, and modernising IMO’s applications over the years. Intergy recommended a complete migration of IMO’s applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud, so that their operations could be optimised, with management having complete visibility and ownership over resources via the Azure Portal.
Intergy was an integral part of the original architecture design and migration planning, and we implemented the migration of all applications and data to the Azure environment, in conjunction with IMO’s IT provider.
Microsoft Azure Migration - The Perfect Solution


Azure migration was an extremely important and timely undertaking for IMO. Their legacy infrastructure needed upgrading, and they lacked visibility and control over their systems. This meant that maintenance and critical changes required for the business’ applications were delayed due to accessibility and other technical issues.
Some users found themselves logging into multiple systems several times throughout the day just to complete certain basic tasks, as single sign-on and Active Directory integrations were not implemented in the existing build.
After facilitating the migration to Azure cloud, Intergy enabled IMO to take advantage of the following benefits:



IMO were very pleased with the outcome of the Azure migration, as the project was undertaken with a strong commitment to meeting the readiness, functionality requirements, security and modernisation needs in relation to previous-generation IMO infrastructure. Our consultative approach is something we pride ourselves on, and we find this leads to greater customer satisfaction in the long-term, as our client’s needs are heard, met, and supported throughout the project implementation.

We were able to modernise IMOs applications using a scalable methodology to increase their business agility and drive cost efficiencies, and this was highly valuable to them. We also leveraged Microsoft’s data platform capabilities in Azure and public cloud scenarios to support mission-critical applications, with a focus on high availability, performance, and high-scale applications – augmenting the SQL Server with a set of Azure Data Services.

IMO is now in a far more comfortable position, as they have achieved the goal of full control over their platform, infrastructure, services, and associated costs. They are now able to enhance and scale their applications using Azure services on demand, when required. For Intergy’s part, we were able to take full advantage of Azure’s comprehensive resources and streamline the entire development process for IMO, enabling us to deliver on every requirement in an efficient, timely manner.

We are proud of the long-term relationship we have established with IMO and look forward to assisting with any and all of their future software-related needs.

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