Intergy provides reliable software development and support services to Conserve, primarily in relation to their industry-leading Contractor Compliance system.

Several years ago, Conserve approached Intergy to help evolve their legacy applications. The existing compliance management tool was a mixture of older and newer .NET based technologies (created by multiple developers), with some aspects not yet fully functional. The integration of data was crucial to the business, so after a thorough Audit, our project team gained sufficient knowledge to resolve the remaining synchronisation and functional issues, and improve the application.

The software platform, together with Conserve’s Sydney based support team, provides an end to end outsourced approach to contractor compliance management. From contractor registration, upload of relevant contractor documents such as licenses and insurances, to document validation, to automated alerts of document expiration and non-compliance. The system provides a structured, efficient and cost-effective way of managing the full spectrum of contractors’ compliance.

Conserve contractor compliance platform

The Solution

Benefits and features

Client Dashboard​

This new feature allows for clients to have a visual overview of their contractor information such as contractor status, contractor type, number of contractors, number of support activities, etc. The dashboard has been built using pie and bar charts for succint viewing of pertinent contractor summary data.


Automated Alerts

The system sends alert notifications as well as email reminders to contractors when documents expire and require renewal and hence become non-compliant. Instant emails have been removed and a new email history log feature that allows system admins to monitor the emails sent from both applications in the one admin screen.


The available extensive set of reports, such as the contractor reports, contractor employee reports and WHS reports provide for data completeness and accuracy to help manage and mitigate business risks.


Central Contractor Repository

The system houses contractor information such as insurances, licenses, qualifications, certificates, security checks etc. This allows for easy access to a contractor compliant pool.

Monthly Maintenance

Intergy performs regular system maintenance to ensure the system is stable and operating at peak performance. Backups, logs, patch levels and disk consumption are all checked.

Monthly Maintenance​
Outsource Compliance Management​

Outsource Compliance Management

The Conserve Sydney Based Support Team is the first line support for contractors, thereby allowing their clients to free up more of their own time. The support team uses the solution to help with initial registration, platform navigation, document check and validation, induction access and approval facilitation.

Easy Onboarding - Intuitive UI

The system has been designed, maintained and enhanced to be as straightforward and intuitive as possible to the user. With the support of the Conserve Sydney Based Support Team, clients will find the process of onboarding its contractors quick and easy

Easy to use
Improved Performance

Inductions & Anywhere, Anytime Access

The system delivers online inductions (general and site specific) for contractors and its employees


Client and Contractor facing website

  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • ASP.Net MVC
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Conserve Admin Website

  • .Net FW / ASP.Net

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