Businesses in the healthcare industry must protect customer data and embrace technology to provide enhanced patient care. Otherwise, they risk becoming obsolete.

What is healthcare software development?

The healthcare industry relies on cutting-edge technology to provide patients with the best care, and employees with the best tools.

In order for professionals in the industry to provide patients with the best service, they need functional, intuitive, easy-to-use software and applications. Some examples of healthcare software development services include:

  • Web-based management solutions for resource allocation and scheduling
  • Custom web portals
  • Data-driven dashboards
  • Mobile apps
  • Centralised invoicing applications
  • Reporting solutions for analytics and business intelligence
  • And more

Custom Healthcare software development is already having a massive impact on the industry. Administrative tasks are reduced, saving money and time, which can be passed onto consumers. Resources can more easily be allocated based on projected needs. And patients can easily find providers and schedule appointments through online portals and apps.

Technology will change the healthcare industry in numerous ways. And it has already begun revolutionizing the way doctors treat patients. 95% of hearing aids are now created through 3D printing, and a human liver was recently printed in California.  Internet-connected wearable technology is also helping with patient monitoring.

This ground breaking technology means that humans may live longer than ever before which improve patient lifestyle. We may also have a much greater quality of life- particularly in old age. But healthcare software development is also helping small and medium businesses as well.

Medical document management systems have reduced the reliance on paper- saving costs and helping the environment in wide range areas. Departments are able to easily find the information they’re looking for by searching these systems, and medical records can be updated each time a patient visits.

How it works

We take your needs and ideas, and turn them into hard working healthcare software solutions.

plan develop manage

Before we begin any project, we gain a deep understanding of the way your business process works, and your individual needs. This allows us to closely collaborate with you, so together we can plan, develop, and manage your new software or application.

best practices

Our healthcare software development process is based on industry best practices, along with years of experience and a highly innovative team.

ongoing support

We don’t stop once the project is delivered. We can provide ongoing support and are happy to continually refine and tweak your solutions as your needs change in the future.

If you’re looking for healthcare software development, get in touch today to learn more about how we can help.

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Case Studies : Healthcare

SMA – Business Management System in Microsoft Azure

SMA – Business Management System in Microsoft Azure

Since 2013, State Medical Assistance (SMA), has been specialising in the provision of Patient Transport, On-Site & Event Medical and Clinical Governance. With their experienced and qualified operational, customer service and leadership team, they deliver high quality, safe, flexible, patient centered and value for money in health care.
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Histopath - Covid 19 Travel Testing Application Featured

Histopath – Covid 19 Travel Testing Application

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Histopath Diagnostic Specialists partnered with the government to provide the world’s leading solutions for RT-PCR testing of patients for Covid-19, establishing the first rapid PCR testing clinics in Australia, providing results to hundreds of thousands of patients.
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The Australasian College of Dermatologists (DERMCOLL)

As the second part of a two part project, we had completed the public facing website and then developed a member portal, which provides Doctors with a platform where they can easily manage continuous professional development (CPD) compliance and offers them an opportunity to share contact information with the public and colleagues in a secure manner.
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