The Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation is a registered and self-funded charity which has as its objective to advance, promote and encourage medical research in Australia. The foundation began from the generosity of the late Rebecca Lillian Cooper and the vision of the late Al Rosentrauss OAM. Under the leadership of its directors past and present, the Foundation has grown to be a significant philanthropic organisation. The Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation needed an Online Application Portal to manage the application process for Project Grants, a program that provides funding for medical research.

Working with The Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation, we developed an Online Application Portal for admin staff members to manage the application process for Project Grants. This also includes a desktop and tablet compatible portal that applicants can access to lodge, edit, manage and submit their applications.

Rebecca L Cooper powerful tools for reporting

The Solution

We engaged Intergy in 2017 to build a portal to streamline our grant application and review processes. They delivered on our requirements, budget, additional requirements and timelines. Their thorough system-testing has resulted in a quality, user-friendly end product that has made the administration of our granting processes so simple and time-efficient. Throughout the development phase and since, the team’s support has been responsive and their communication has been excellent. They are a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in highly recommending Intergy Consulting. The development of our website was similarly smooth sailing.
Leanne Arber
Executive Officer, The Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation

Benefits and features

Intuitive & Easy-to-use Interface

The system features an easy to use portal for applicants to lodge their applications for grants. Tools have been given to users to complete an online application form. Other tools enable them to edit and archive applications, create file notes, upload and attach PDFs to applications as well as download them in real time. They are then given the option to save partially completed online forms or return to edit at a later time.

Rebecca cooper intuitive and easy to use interface
Rebecca cooper powerful tools for reporting

User Friendly Dashboard & User Management

The system also enables applicants to manage their user profile. Admin users are also provided with tools to manage users as well as view applications. They are also able to search for applications by any data field as well as export applications in PDF layout.

Powerful tools for Reporting & Managing the Application Round

The system features a dashboard that admins can access. Here they can view all the applications in the grant round and can search based on multiple fields such as application number, name and area of research. Admins can also view more information about a particular user and application (in PDF format as well).

Rebecca cooper user friendly dashboard management of application round
Rebecca cooper smart automation and validation of applications

Smart Automation & Validation of Applications

As many applications are received at a given point in time, the site also features an automated screening process during the initial stages of receiving an application. Applications are automatically sorted and passed through if they meet the eligibility criteria and if certain form fields are met. This results in more efficiently and accurately screening applications in real-time.

Score Sheet Calculation Algorithm to assist with Application Selection

The system also utilizes a score sheet calculation algorithm that ultimately assists in the selection of applications. Based on several factors for each application, the algorithm considers the key criteria met and develops a scorecard for each application. From this, the algorithm weighs and determines the most likely successful applications. Of course this only forms part of the process as Admin staff members also carefully assess each application. Ultimately, this feature of the site has helped streamline and accurately assess applications from the start to finish.

Rebecca cooper foundation online portal application system score cards applications
Maintenance and Enhancements

Enhancements and Support

All manual processing of application has been converted into automated processing by the addition of system improvements. Also, based on the business needs, new features were included. Additionally, Intergy provides ongoing support for the Rebecca L Cooper Website and Portal.


The Online Application Portal utilises an Apache 2.x web server and built with a PHP framework. MySQL database was used and the interface layer comprised of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery.

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