The Problem Members previous struggled to keep their details up to date and wanted control to update their own details themselves. Members requested a platform to communicate and share information amongst colleagues and the public. Our Client The Australasian College of Dermatologists was established 50 years ago and is responsible for the training and professional development of medical practitioners in the field of dermatology.


The Solution

As the second part of a two part project, we had completed the public facing website and then developed a member portal, which provides Doctors with a platform where they can easily manage continuous professional development (CPD) compliance and offers them an opportunity to share contact information with the public and colleagues in a secure manner. Doctors can also manage trainee reviews and positions on the portal.

Benefits and features

Real time management of CPD compliance

The new portal provides doctors with a platform for easy management of CPD compliance. The dashboard allows you to submit and track a member’s CPD in the form of training and certification. Additionally the portal integrates with Moodle Learning Management Systems allowing the college to create personalised learning environments for their members.

cpd compliance image
Up-to-date information

Up-to-date information

The system gave the college a vehicle to publish news, events and marketing material which ensures that everyone is always well informed of the latest developments.

Member engagement

Due to the new portal The Australian College of Dermatologists saw increased doctor engagement between the college and trainees. Not only was it easier for them to share their contact details on the portal but the provision of a ‘Find a doctor’ and ‘Find a colleague’ google tool made interaction so much easier.

member engagement
change improved productivity

Improved productivity

The new portal provides both doctors and administration staff a more streamlined and efficient process as members can logon and update their own details without having to go through The Australian College of Dermatologists. By including a secure payment gateway for handling payments business processes are further sped up, freeing staff to focus on other important tasks.


The technology was pre-determined as part of the existing first build of this platform. Which enjoys having zero ongoing licensing costs due to open sourced technologies being used. The platform is built using a MySQL database. Programming languages include AJAX, JavaScript and JQuery. Code Igniter 2.0 was used as the framework for the new system in conjunction with PHP server scripts. The payment gateway within the portal is Westpac Payway. Other third party platforms we integrated with were Moodle and MYOB-EXO.

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