The Problem

A Sydney-based Entrepreneur had an awesome idea for a software platform that had fantastic potential, but he was overwhelmed with the noise of the digital landscape and didn’t know how to evolve his idea with the right strategy to take the next step with confidence. He was concerned with over-engineering or over-investing in potentially the wrong feature or technology. The goal was to get his strategy locked down to maximise his bang for his buck and get his idea on track.
He had already planned the business and sales side of this new idea, as it was within his expertise. However it was the technology / software platform that would facilitate the “bread and butter” transactions, that needed guidance.

Ultimately he was frustrated and didn’t have a clear idea on what he needed to fill in the blanks, but had enough foresight to realise that there were things that he didn’t know yet. In particular one area the fog needed to be lifted on what was needed to drive the daily transactions within the system.
As he was a start-up, he wanted to ensure that he was as efficient as possible with his asset creation strategy. With his eyes focused on his goals he started talking to Intergy to find some clarity and depth to be able to justify further investment going forward.

Our Client

The Sydney based entrepreneur runs a successful established financial services business in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and saw a gap in the market. His hunt began to find a technology / software partner that he could leverage their experience to build a strategy and collaborate with to develop the platform to fill his identified gap. Luckily a successful Google search and a couple of phone calls later and we had him booked in the following week.

Technology Strategy Session Report

The Solution

In keeping our approach simple, he came into our office for a 2 hour Strategy Session, with the goal clearly set on defining a clear path forward to turn his idea into a reality. To facilitate this we brought in a few of our team members including a Business Analyst and Solution Architect. We collaborated with him to define, from a technology point of view, what was feasible and identified where the major challenges were ahead. To help him tackle the next steps we produced a conceptual diagram of the platform, which enabled him to visalise how the different pieces of the puzzle could fit together along with a report to capture all of the topics and items discussed in the technology strategy session

Benefits and features

Solution High Level Architectural Diagram

As part of the technical strategy session, many idea’s were bounced around the room, specifically about how the data flow for the platform could be developed. Once this was solidified into what would form the basis of plans for his minimum viable product. He agreed the diagram we created was worth digitizing and including in our documentation. The visual representation of how the platform’s data feeds and core functions could relate to each other became a picture that helps say a thousand words, and would in future stages be used to develop the platform by our dev team.

Technology Strategy Session Report Diagram

Sanity check the technology feasibility

The report gave his start-up a to do list in terms of things he needs to do to confirm various directions his platform could work. It also articulated using technical terminology what he needed to request from potential data partners. The strategy session confirmed from a feasibility point of view that it was possible to achieve his idea.

I would just like to take this time to express my appreciation of the work that you and your team has put into the development of the Online Plaque Wizard. You and your team has been right there, helping whenever needed for the past few months. I sincerely appreciate the efficiency and the level of service provided by you and your team. I will continue to recommend your company to other companies and contacts. I cannot be more satisfied with your service and I look forward to continuing this relationship.
Sydney Based Entrepreneur

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