Cordell had outgrown their bespoke building cost information database, which was making it difficult to stay-up-to-date with the demands of the business. They were looking to update their desktop application to a modern browser based application, minimising the impact of the transition, while streamlining the process to enhance functionality.

Cordell Costing Information

The Solution

We analysed their complex backend functions and designed a custom web application to enhance Cordell’s performance and capabilities.

Benefits and features

Improved decision making

End users can consume enormous amounts of data instantly for real-time estimations and improved decision making. Now, even non-technical users can make data-driven decisions, while system administrators can generate publications, and researchers update details in bulk to ensure the database remains current and accurate.

Improved decision making
Easy to Use

Easy to use

The user interface has been substantially improved and now provides user-friendly controls, such as: drag and drop, tabbed views, search on tree view, context menu listing, and inline editing options.

Greater accuracy

By removing inaccurate data and organising the back-end, estimates can now be created faster and more accurately.

Greater accuracy
Increased productivity

Increased productivity

A number of processes are now quicker and have been simplified. These include, ‘ready-to-print’ publications bulk importing and exporting, bulk editing and more.

Improved performance

The usability of the system is greatly enhanced, now allowing multiple users to access the system and reports at once, with data remaining current and in real-time.


The technology solution was determined by the functionality requirements that were documented during the analysis and design workshops. This also considered the user stories, future scalability and end devices that were to be utilised by the sites. As such, Microsoft technologies were selected.

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