The retail industry has already been disrupted, with online shopping, e-commerce, mobile apps, ApplePay, and beacons just the beginning. Customers expect high-tech, fast, accurate service, and the businesses that deliver this service will gain their loyalty.

What is retail software development?

Today’s retail market is volatile, with shifting consumer behaviour and increased competition making life difficult for many business owners. Retail software development can help businesses in the retail industry in a number of different ways.

These include e-commerce, integrated sales and inventory systems and supply chain software to help retailers keep costs down by ensuring an effective supply chain.

With investments in technology, it’s easy to see why retailers like Amazon, eBay and BestBuy are so successful. And the companies that manage to create a trustworthy and effective web presence will be the ones that stand the test of time.  The good news is that you don’t need Amazon-sized pockets to make a real difference, you just need to invest in technology wisely.

Integrated financial management software is also hugely important, as it allows business owners to easily complete accounting, invoice processing, payroll, and bank payments.

With the rise of big data, more and more businesses are interested in business intelligence as part of their retail software development. This allows business owners to easily track sales and other important information through the use of custom dashboards and meaningful reports.

How it works

The type of retail software development you need will depend on which stage of the digital maturation process your business is in.


You may have an excellent e-commerce site but want to get a piece of the mobile pie.


Or you could be desperate to get real-time analytics so you can see what is and isn’t working in your business.

Intergy will ensure that your new software, web portal, or app will exceed your expectations.
If you’re looking to step into the future with retail software development, get in touch today. We’ll use our vast experience to provide you with a high-tech, user-friendly solution to wow your employees and customers and improve your bottom line.

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