ABC Bullion wanted to expand into the international market. However, their website was making this challenging and the ABC Bullion team wanted to offer their clients additional features along with a dedicated client portal area, which enabled their clients to manage their transaction history and metal holdings online. They also wanted to provide clients 24/7 two-way trading in precious metals. Additionally, the website didn’t cater for international currencies, and multiple 3rd party data connections needed to be integrated, making the project ideal for a custom solution.

ABC Bullion Custom E-Commerce Website and Client Portal

The Solution

We designed a new website for ABC Bullion to improve user experience and functionality, plus put ABC Bullion back in control of their web platform. With this control, ABC Bullion have been able to increase sales and manage their website in a way best aligned with their day to day business goals.

Benefits and features

Enhanced customer experience

The client experience has been greatly improved by the user-friendly and content-rich interface. Users are presented with a dashboard display of their metal holdings and portfolio summary, and are able to perform buy and sell transactions based on the current market price, which is regularly updated. The website is designed to be used by non-technical users who can easily perform online buying and selling transactions.

ABC Bullion Metal Holdings Trading and Portfolio Summary
ABC Bullion Client Portal to Self-manage their Portfolio

Streamlining business processes

The new portal allowed ABC Bullion’s clients to self-manage their portfolio. This freed up valuable time for ABC staff, who could concentrate on business development, and reducing the amount of time spent answering client queries and/or performing transactions on their clients behalf.

Increased sales

The new payment interface allows clients to complete instant purchases in real time, increasing sales volume. Partnering with CBA’s Bpoint gateway services further built confidence and trust with clients for secure online transactions. The new website also allows users to view prices in multiple currencies. As a result, the company has been able to grow its market share.

Payment integrated with CBA's Bpoint gateway enabling Real-time Purchases

Business Growth

ABC Bullion wanted to grow and expand. The launch of the new website has allowed ABC Bullion to launch products like the ABC Bullion Gold Saver, an Australian-first automated gold investment plan. This allows clients to set up a direct debit so they can build up their gold and silver holdings in regular installments. Read here for more details

Support in multiple languages & regions

The platform now supports multiple languages, offering many opportunities for the business to expand and offer their services to other regions such as in China. This has not only expanded their customer influence but also increased the site’s usability and user experience.


Custom third-party integrations

BPoint– Integrated with Commonwealth bank BPoint payment gateway to process online credit payments.

Keap– Client registrations and subscriptions sent to Keap over an API for e-mail marketing.

FastMarkets – Spot price feed received from FastMarkets with custom business rules applied to reflect relevant pricing in the online store.

Trulioo – Due to the high value dollar transactions available in the store and government regulations we integrated with Trulioo to streamline identity verification during registration process.

Freshdesk – Client support forms integrated with Freshdesk to optimise handling of support request.


The new website utilises virtual private server (VPS) and Apache web server. It is built using a MySQL database, Programming languages include HTML, JavaScript and JQuery. External libraries include High-charts and HTML2PDF. The custom CMS was empowered by the CKEditor as the text editor.

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