Launched in 2018, Uncle Leo’s Food Ordering App has been used by many truck drivers and travelers on the go, in ordering their food from Uncle Leo’s roadhouse. The store has come from humble beginnings in the 1930’s, operating as a local fruit and veggie store at Crossroads (NSW). By the 1980s, Uncle Leo’s has grown to a full-fledged roadhouse providing high quality fuel, convenience store and quality food as well as utilities for travelers. Since then, it has been recommended by many as a warm and welcoming place to stop and refresh for their journey ahead.

A key requirement was to deliver a mobile app where people can pre-order food and beverages from a vast selection, and have it prepared and ready on arrival at the roadhouse. The team wanted to achieve this in order to enhance customer experience and ultimately provide more convenience to customers whilst travelling and stopping by their roadhouse.


The Solution

Intergy developed a mobile app that enables users to pre-order food on the go and have it ready on arrival at Uncle Leo’s store. The mobile app is compatible with both android and apple (iOS) devices. A Store Management System was also developed which enables the team at Uncle Leo’s to seamlessly manage and process orders made from the app.

Benefits and features

Powerful Store Management System

The Store Management System is power packed with tools to manage store content and information such as menu items, descriptions, options and prices as well as food images. In terms of streamlining the order process, the kitchen counter screen is connected with the thermal printer enabling real-time updates of incoming orders made from the mobile app.

uncle leos powerful store management system

Intuitive Food Ordering Mobile App

Users can use the mobile app to order from a selection of food and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The app maintains an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to order their food on the go.

Android & iOS Compatible with Smart Notifications

The app is compatible for both Android and iOS devices and is also available for download in the Google Play Store. From the customer ordering the food to receiving it, the system maintains a simple and efficient workflow. Each component and device are connected via cloud and as such offers almost instantaneous response. Users are also notified in real-time about payments and when their order is ready for pick-up. As a result, this has resulted in an increase in sales and less congestion of store counters and POS terminals during the peak hour of the day.


Tools to enhance Point of Sale (POS) and Order Management

Staff can manage customer orders, process POS transactions, track orders as well as view order history using the Store Management System. Additionally the system also informs the staff of incoming orders digitally and physically by printing the order details individually.

Payment Gateway Integration

CyberSource has also been integrated with the mobile app as the payment gateway, enabling users to order food and the team to securely process transactions in real time.


Real-Time Data Updates

Data is updated between the mobile app and web-based store management system in real time. This allows for accurate and timely communication between the users, Uncle Leo’s staff and admin.


The latest technologies and tools were used to develop the website.

For the mobile app, the Ionic Framework was used along with the responsive interface layer being written in HTML5 and CSS3. In the Business Rules Layer, the Microsoft technologies ASP.NET and C# were used. SQL Server was used in the database layer of the system and is hosted in Microsoft Azure:

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