Top tech trends in 2018: The big changes in privacy and surveillance to watch out for in 2018

People are now creating more data than at any other time in history. More than 15.2 million texts are sent, 46,740 Instagram photos are posted, and 3.6 million Google searches are completed every minute. However, the idea that this data will be kept private is sadly a myth. Data privacy and surveillance was

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Top Tech Trends in 2018: Is Your Business Going Global in 2018?

The IT sector has become increasingly global. Unlike in the past, the biggest IT leaders in the world are no longer based only in the US. Customers around the world demand security, reliability, and speed, along with the local storage of their data. Since the widespread adoption of internet access, data has been

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Top tech trends to watch out for in 2018

2017 was a massive year for the technology and IT sector. Apps became more sophisticated, the Internet of Things became even more pervasive, and artificial intelligence dominated tech discussions. But 2018 is expected to be an even bigger year for the tech industry. Here are some of the top tech trends

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How the right technology can help your business scale

We are passionate about technology that helps businesses scale through efficiency and delivering personalised customer experience as a differentiator. Afea is an excellent example where the business utilised Intergy’s services to build an innovative platform to deliver excellent care outcomes to their clients. Afea is an approved home care service provider

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How to build a business reporting dashboard

Good business reporting dashboards will save money, save time, and display the most important data and information. This means that you can easily see how your business is performing each day. Most people want to know what’s going on with their business. But they don't want to have to wait for colleagues and

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