We are passionate about technology that helps businesses scale through efficiency and delivering personalised customer experience as a differentiator.

Afea is an excellent example where the business utilised Intergy’s services to build an innovative platform to deliver excellent care outcomes to their clients.

Afea is an approved home care service provider under National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and My Aged Care were looking to automate numerous internal processes to become efficient whilst complying with industry regulations; and offering their clients completely transparency along with choice and control over when they want services.

How the right technology can help your business scaleWe worked with Afea since 2010 in building a web-based secure service management platform. The platform allowed Afea to automate their processes, schedule recurring services, and gain greater insight into their service operations.

Afea was recently featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, and founder Esha Oberoi credits the purpose-built technology platform for the company’s ability to scale rapidly during its formative years. The platform is critical to Afea delivering services to over 500 families weekly and growing rapidly in an industry that is undergoing major reforms.

What is one of the best ways businesses can gain a competitive advantage? Choosing the right technology at the right time. Custom software solutions are tailored specifically for each company’s specific needs. By understanding exactly how the software will be used and the problems it will solve, software development companies can provide businesses with specific solutions that give them room to scale- both now, and in the future.

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