A custom web application will capture, store, process and transmit your data to facilitate the effective running of your unique organisation. Your web application may deliver a product or service to your customers, or facilitate your internal workings and processes. We specialise in custom web application solutions. This means that our web solutions will be tailored to your business processes to help you meet your business goals and provide that point of difference from your competitors.

Intergy is a well-established web application development company in Sydney having years of experience in building custom web applications for various Australian businesses and government organisations. Our experienced web app developers are well-versed in Microsoft and open-source technologies.

Why choose custom web application development services?

Custom web applications are tailor made for the exact way that your business works, whether you need to migrate your legacy systems, build a web application from scratch, or build a web portal for collaborating with vendors and customers.

Many businesses are using proprietary, off-the-shelf web apps, and while these will often get the job done, they can also be tricky to integrate with your other systems. They can also make it more difficult for your business to scale, and are limited in the ways that they can be changed.

If you’re looking to start a business, take your business to the next level or gain a competitive edge with your unique intellectual property, a custom web applications can help you meet your goals.

find right solutions


We will work together with your team to determine what the best
web app solution is for your needs and to achieve your goals

efficiency productivity


Each of our projects are designed to improve efficiency and productivity so you spend less time on the little things

How it works

We’ll discuss your business and requirements with you before defining a strategy. Our experienced business analysts, consultants and web application developers work with your team to develop the best plan of action, to ensure best custom web application user experience which meet your goals and help your business grow.

Starting New Business


Our web developers will take an in-depth look at your business, and listen closely to what you need your web application to do. While your application needs to function well, it also needs to be user-friendly. We combine both form and function in all our projects, so your team can easily interact with your web application, improving productivity and customer service.

Maintainance Training


Our web application development services doesn’t end once we’ve delivered your web application. We provide you with application maintenance services and training so your team can quickly get up to speed with the app’s functionality.

Maintain Your Business


If you need further help, we also provide application maintenance support, and we’re only a phone call or email away. If you are looking for a quality assured website development company for your web application? Book a free consultation today.

We also cater services for the enhancement and maintenance of existing web applications, legacy application migration and more. Looking for reliable web app development company in Sydney, Australia? Get in touch today to learn how we can help.


Web application development is the development of software applications that run on a remote server and are delivered to the user device over the internet. A web application is accessed by the user through a web browser with an active internet connection.

Custom web application is an application that is tailor made to satisfy the business needs of a specific client. A custom web application is owned by the client as opposed to having to pay for ongoing licensing packages.

The costs of custom web application vary from project to project based on various factors, such as the scope, requirements, and technical complexity. We will find out the cost of your project after a comprehensive discussion with you to understand your requirements and determine the scope of your project.

With the internet being mainstream in almost every workplace across Australia, web applications have become a more and more important and perhaps essential tool for every business. The presence and use of web applications provides a competitive edge to the business as it has several key benefits.

A custom web solution has the following key benefits:

  • Improved Efficiency – Web applications help you streamline your business activities allowing time and labour savings with superior accuracy.
  • 24 / 7 Accessibility – Any business systems built using web applications are web-based, which means it can be accessed 24/7 provided there is an internet connection.
  • Safe – Web applications store information on remote servers. This means that if your laptop or PC is damaged or stolen, you can log-in securely to any other laptop or PC linked to the internet and your business can be up and running again in no time.
  • Easy Customisable and Scalable – Custom web application is made specifically to meet your business needs as well as being completely flexible and scalable to your business’ demands and growth.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance – By using a web application, you stay away from the hassle and time-consuming installation of software on every device. You will also find web applications less punishing on older or low spec devices.

The client will have full ownership (intellectual property rights) of the developed web application. Intergy will supply the client with the entire source code upon completion of the project and payment of the agreed project price.

There is no fix duration that can be said for a web application project. It all depends on the type of web application you wish to build, the level of features and the style of designing. If you wish for an accurate duration and timeline for your specific web application development project, please get in touch with us.

When it comes to web application development, there are numerous companies across Australia that wants to work with you. You need to scrutinise their technology expertise, industry experience, cost-effectiveness and projects completed.  As Intergy Consulting has been heavily involved in web application services since 2004, we have amassed many successful web application projects across different industries from varying company sizes.  Please refer to our portfolio ->  Custom Web Application Development Company Sydney |Intergy

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Case Studies : Web Application Development

Open colleges

Open Colleges

We created a website called “Edupay” to manage the enrolment and payment processing for Open Colleges. Students can use Edupay to enrol and pay for courses online.
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Picture media

Picture Media

We developed a custom image library to create an enhanced online presence for Picture Media. The external website is intuitive and makes the process of finding and ordering images quick and easy.
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Real wealth australia

Real Wealth Australia

We built a desktop application called the ‘Number Cruncher’, which has a rich user interface and provides multiple reports, which allows users to effectively manage their properties.
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Southern phone

Southern Phone

We developed a system that streamlined tasks such as, creating and allocating call lists, recording and monitoring customer payment arrangements, and reporting on the effectiveness of the collections activities. This increased their productivity and business effectiveness.
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We customised plugins and components of Joomla to support Befree’s business needs. This streamlined their business processes, improving efficiency and productivity.
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EMI music publishing

EMI Music Publishing

We developed a stand-alone music player application. The EMI V4 Mini-Drive, a cross-platform application that added many new features, and was faster and more user friendly than its predecessor.
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