Intergy is your ‘digital transformation facilitator’. We’re completely independent and our highly skilled solution consulting team will help you navigate through the complex digital world. We develop strategies that help you better utilise new and emerging technologies. We look at your vision and mission, business model, people and processes, and then establish how to unlock additional value in your business through the intelligent use of technology. Every department and sub-system must communicate seamlessly with each other for maximum efficiency. Management must also have full visibility of your data, in real time, to make the best decisions. We remove the blockages and headaches along the way, and ensure your ultimate success.

Why choose solution consulting?

Your business is heavily dependent on your software systems. Solution consulting helps you develop a competitive advantage, by providing guidance allowing you to better understand the potential of IT and software technologies. You can then make more informed decisions based on this information, and adjust as you grow your business.

It can be challenging to drive efficiency and productivity from your IT business systems. Often, businesses are failing to realise the full potential of their business processes. But it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where we come in.

Our solution consulting services help you uncover problems and find the most appropriate solutions. This increases ROI, helps you maintain peak performance, and improves backend functionality.

Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of business processes. We also listen carefully to what you need, helping you to optimise your business operations, decrease costs, and improve resource efficiency.

find right solutions


We will work together with your team to determine what the best solution is for your needs and to achieve your goals

efficiency productivity


Each of our projects are designed to improve efficiency and productivity so you spend less time on the little things

How it works

We design, analyse, and justify solutions by first thoroughly understanding your business needs. Our wide-ranging experience with solution consulting means your business is in safe hands. We’ll answer your queries in plain English, clearly explaining your options along the way.

Solution consulting can be implemented throughout the life of your business:



We provide reliable analysis and critical business intelligence to help with business decision making. This can include a professional audit of your software and hardware, depending on your objectives.



Whether you’re focusing on digital transformation or simply need to attract new customers, our solution consulting can help. We do this in a number of ways, including through custom software development, integration with legacy systems, and mobile application development.



Our solution consulting helps you concentrate on your primary objectives and core competence while delegating or outsourcing specific processes. Our experienced consultants will help you choose the most appropriate maintenance model for your needs. This may include outsourcing time-consuming IT tasks, maintenance, or security.

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