If you run a business in the property industry, you’re probably already aware of how much improvements in technology has changed the game almost overnight. If you want to scale your business, it’s time to get rid of obsolete software and invest in property software development.

We provide custom property software development services for the real estate and property industries in Australia. The demand for property software continues to increase each year, and we have a variety of solutions available to fit your needs.

What is property software development?

Property software allows businesses in the industry to easily manage property listings and communicate with sales teams and agents. It also helps real estate agents to manage all of their properties. Agents can easily see the status each individual property, key information, and even images for each home.

Real estate is a highly-competitive industry. And since many agents work primarily on a commission basis, attracting clients is key. These days, as consumers expect personalised, responsive service, the agents that are technologically ahead will flourish.

The role of property software development is immense. Agents can be continually reachable to customers, and can instantly respond to questions and requests- generating more leads. Customers can use apps and websites to easily view homes available for rent or sale. They can also quickly communicate with property managers and agents.

Property owners can also easily promote and control their assets through use of property software.

Some of the features that we can provide through our property software development services include:

  • A content management system
  • Property search capabilities
  • Listing syndication
  • CRMs
  • Integration with social media
  • Payment processing capabilities
  • Detailed reports, statistics, and analysis
  • Easy to use mobile applications
  • And more

How it works

If you need a custom software solution or website that collates all your listings in one place for easy management, we can help. We also provide a number of other options, including transaction software. That means you can manage your entire operations either through a computer or on the go on your mobile or tablet.

Go paperless with a custom property software development solution, and say goodbye to disorganisation.

Your team will never need a filing cabinet again, with a solution that allows you to upload and store important information like agreements, receipts, and contracts.

You’ll also be able to access those file from anywhere and with any device.

Whatever your needs, we can develop a customised solution that will be embraced by your whole team.
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