Top tech trends in 2018: Will technology open-up rural markets this year?

Most countries have a well-documented “digital divide” between urban and rural areas. The United States is a perfect example, with technology flourishing in the cities but leaving 23.4 million Americans lacking broadband access. Australia is also still experiencing this digital division. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, just 67% of households in

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Top tech trends in 2018: How could cybersecurity impact your business in 2018?

2017 was dominated by news of major data breaches, cybersecurity threats, and hacks. From the global WannaCry cyberstrike to the major hacks impacting companies like Verizon and Equifax, 2017 helped make millions of companies increasingly aware of their cybersecurity. There’s little doubt that cybersecurity will impact almost every business with a presence online.

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Intergy is now a Microsoft Gold Partner

We’re excited to announce that Intergy has been named a Microsoft Gold Partner within the Application Development competency. After being a Microsoft Silver Partner for over 6 years, we are proud of this latest achievement since Microsoft has recognised our high level of expertise and competence with Microsoft technologies. What is

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Are you losing track of your business data?

Most business owners know that information is a valuable commodity. The more information we have, the more strategic and better-informed decisions we can make. However, many companies are currently struggling with information overload. Not only can they not cope with the data they have right now, but they’re completely unprepared for the data

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Combating the myths of artificial intelligence

Many of the people who have recently been discussing artificial intelligence fall into two groups: Those who are convinced we’ll soon be bowing down to robot overlords, and those who are sure AI will solve all of our problems. AI is a polarising topic. In one recent survey, 46% of Brits and 43%

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