Australia’s healthcare industry is growing and changing at a phenomenal rate, particularly as healthcare providers embrace new technology, allowing them to provide better medical grade treatment for their patients.

Healthcare businesses wanting to focus on growth should examine their goals and expectations for the future. With the help of an experienced software development company, businesses can create a system that is intuitive and easy to use, and improves processes across the whole business.

As we face an aging population we need to embrace systems that improve efficiency. 13% of the Australian population are currently aged 65 and older, this is expected to be 23% by 2050, and 321,500 people received disability support services in 2014. With a sharp increase in competition in these sectors, healthcare providers need to stand apart from the rest and may increase efficiency and improve services through leading technology support.

Fast video and internet technology allow doctors to check in with these patients remotely anytime, anywhere, and connected devices allow them to monitor vitals like temperature, blood sugar, body weight and blood pressure.These digital devices relieve pressure on the healthcare system and also save patients hours of travelling.

Changing customer needs are also influencing how the industry contacts and supports patients. Younger patients have grown up with a wide range of time-saving technology at their fingertips, and online patient portals and appointment calendars are now expected. A study by the Internet Journal of Healthcare Administration in the United States found that when patients received appointment reminders via text message, no shows were reduced by a huge 36%.

Many healthcare businesses are also using apps and portals to allow patients to see their test results, which is more efficient and highly recommend compared to having them call or make an appointment- saving time and gives peace of mind for both employees and patients.

Here are 3 Practical Ways to Grow your Healthcare Business:

1. Invest in a document management system

Document management systems are improving efficiency and accuracy in the industry, as virtual copies of patient records can be easily stored and then referenced by numerous departments, reducing the need for staff to hunt through drawers of papers.

Not only are document management systems great for the environment, but technology now supports image files, videos and other document types. These document management systems streamline patient record access, safeguard private and valuable patient information, boost patient safety, cut duplication and waste, and reduce costs.

2. Create an app

Application development has recently become a staple in the aged care sector in Australia. The Aged Care app allows users to see all of the latest news about the industry and share information across social media, while the AliveCor Heart Monitor app with kardia device sensor allows aged care workers to measure heart rhythms- something that can help prevent heart health problems and strokes based on heart data reports.

Another popular app is the Aged Care At-Home Checklist which helps aged care workers to give patients advice to keep them safe, and can also help the patient’s family decide on a plan for the transition into at-home care.

These apps are examples of how application development can have a real-world impact on the heath and well-being of patients across Australia and allow workers in the industry to be more efficient and effective by accessing through mobile devices.

3. Update obsolete or inefficient systems

While some businesses are hesitant to update older systems, there are huge benefits to customising a system that will meet current and future needs.

A web-based solution is ideal for companies wanting to improve efficiency, cut down on manual data entry, and delegate more responsibility to employees. These systems can allow employees to have logins, assign each other certain jobs and tasks, register that jobs have been completed, create timesheets and much more.

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