It’s an exciting time to be a part of the construction industry given the rate of change and innovation. Recent progression in 3D printing technology has meant it’s now used to print glass, metal, glue, plastic, food and even human tissue.

3D printing will revolutionise the construction industry, reducing labour and allowing builders to quickly modify existing designs and create 3D parts from many different materials. This is already being used in China, with WinSun New Materials creating 10 building structures in a single day with 3D printing technology last year.

The building sites of the future will look very different as the construction industry begins to use drones to get a bird’s-eye view and progress reports of the sites.

Wearable sensors are being adopted by construction companies, these are being used in workers’ hard hats, watches, boots and other safety gear. The sensors help the foreman to keep track of workers, monitoring body temperatures to prevent heat exhaustion, and to send out alerts if an impact takes place, greatly improving safety rates.

Tablets and wifi are transforming the construction industry as workers no longer need to carry around paperwork or rolls of blueprints as they can instead store huge amounts of data in their portable devices.

Some construction companies are equipping their sites with Wi-Fi connectivity. There has also been an increase in the volume of construction-focused apps on the market. Some of which can update blueprint changes in real time, or calculate job estimates while managing suppliers and material stock.

Construction companies are also outfitting their power tools, hand tools and machinery with barcodes. Employees can scan them through digital barcode readers to allow companies to keep track of their equipment, saving money and cutting down on workplace hazards.

Companies like Cordell Information have increased their productivity, customer service and enabled improved decision making through customised technology solutions that support their business needs.

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