Is your website compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

A typical approach to address the website accessibility issues is by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). These principles will help to enhance your website accessible to all type of users.

What is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

Web Content Accessibility is a part of the website accessibility guidelines. It has a list of principles and suggestions which will help to make the website more accessible. To follow these guidelines will make content accessible to the people who have disabilities (blindness, vision limitation, deafness and hearing loss) and older people to ensure they can access your website from a computer or a mobile device without any problems.

The website accessibility guidelines are mainly focused on the user experience design part to make sure everyone can access and consume the website, whereas to follow these content accessibility guidelines will provide additional information to the screen reader users.

web content accessibility guidelines

How to verify your website is following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

There are plenty of Web accessibility evaluation tools that are available in the online market such as Wave, & NVDA. You need to select the relevant tools which suits your website to determine if your website content and design cover accessibility guidelines.

How to meet the requirements and what are the steps needed to be taken?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines has to be followed from the website design-build phase as a best practice. It will be focused on various factors such as website layout, designs, background & text colour, fonts type, font size and user friendly navigation.

If your website has been built without following WCAG standards, you need to evaluate the website using the online tool. In the evaluation report, if you see major issues and improvement areas, then you should consult with your web development service provider to take the necessary actions immediately.

There are a few reference links given below, which will assist you to verify your website.

WCAG 2.0 Quick Reference Guide
ARIA 1.1 Specification (for dynamic interactions)
ARIA 1.1 Authoring Practices (with design patterns and examples of widgets like accordions and tabs)

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