How to build a business reporting dashboard

Good business reporting dashboards will save money, save time, and display the most important data and information. This means that you can easily see how your business is performing each day. Most people want to know what’s going on with their business. But they don't want to have to wait for colleagues and

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Intergy is now a Microsoft Gold Partner

We’re excited to announce that Intergy has been named a Microsoft Gold Partner within the Application Development competency. After being a Microsoft Silver Partner for over 6 years, we are proud of this latest achievement since Microsoft has recognised our high level of expertise and competence with Microsoft technologies. What is

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Are you losing track of your business data?

Most business owners know that information is a valuable commodity. The more information we have, the more strategic and better-informed decisions we can make. However, many companies are currently struggling with information overload. Not only can they not cope with the data they have right now, but they’re completely unprepared for the data

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3 Ways to improve your system reporting accuracy

These days, many business owners are beginning to realise how important business reporting is for decision making and business growth. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with system reporting accuracy. If this sounds like you, you may be making ill-informed or incorrect decisions based on inaccurate or out-of-date information. Here are 3 ways

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Are you getting the reports you need to run your business?

We’re living in a world of big data, where you have a wealth of information about your business and customers at your fingertips. But while you may be getting plenty of information, you may not be getting the insights you need to make a difference to your bottom line. This can be due to many

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