Before we start looking at the benefits of creating a clickable prototype of your software system, let’s take a typical example of building a home. Before you start building your stylish and expensive new house you will definitely do a lot of research, analysis, and idea gathering, then ask a specialist architect to create a plan, model and outline of the building. This analogy is true for building a complex software application design process.

Building a prototype before starting the actual development of the software is a must, and will reduce time and ambiguity, and in the long run save money and minimize the risk of a disaster project for any business processes.

Here we have listed some of the key benefits based on our user experience with our clients.

1. Identify problems / gaps with the system:

By building a prototype model, users can identify the problems early stage itself, and helps easily update to make the necessary improvements to save time and money. Also it helps to identify the gaps in functionality in real time monitoring which will prevent the business from achieving the goals of the system in an efficient manner before development process starts.

2. End user buy in:

The final intended end users of the system will feel more involved from concept to development of the system, and therefore be comfortable in using the system down the line, minimising resistance and for a better user interface for e.g.: Interactive prototypes.

3. Cost savings:

Money and time will be saved in identifying and reciting the problems early in the initial prototyping stage, rather than during UAT testing or after go-live. Plus if the whole solution becomes untenable for whatever reason, the investment in the prototype will be a fraction of the full solution.

4. Training:

The prototyping tools will help to train the users in using the built system, until the development gets fully completed.

5. Better quality system delivered:

Prototyping gives all the team members involved in the development a better understanding of the final approved customer requirements, ultimately reducing any and leading to a far higher quality solution (from a technical and business perspective) as similar to bespoke software.

6. The prototype is an asset:

The created prototype is a valuable asset in itself, and can be used to apply for further funding from investors. A good working model prototype can be used to obtain competitive software package quotes from several software development companies

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