Custom software will be tailored to match YOUR terminology, practices and unique processes, so there’s no need to confine your thinking or adapt your business to the limitations of an “off the shelf” or “out of the cloud” boxed software package.

Why choose custom software?

A lot of software packages are available off-the-shelf or in-the-cloud. These software packages provide specific functionalities, and may be appropriate for achieving certain well defined tasks, such as word processing or general ledger. However, for some businesses, these packages are really not enough to operate their core business at optimal efficiency. This is why companies consider creating their own custom software instead.

Below are some of the key benefits in choosing custom built software.

1. Out-innovate others

Custom software gives you the edge over your competitors, as you can innovate and/or operate in a way the others don’t or can’t.

2. One-size does not fit all

Most of the time, businesses either compromise functionality or adjust their processes to accommodate an off-the-shelf product.

3. Keep it simple and specific

Off the shelf software can be overly complex, cluttered with functions you will never use, but pay for anyway! Just build what you want and need, wrapped in an easy to use interface. Training costs will be lower or non-existent, and staff will be far happier.

4. You’re not on their radar

Product vendors (the good ones) are usually evolving their product, according to a pre-established “product road map”. However, trying to get them to divert resources to attend to your specific requests will be problematic. An off-the-shelf software vendor will probably push back on your change requests, or will charge you an arm and a leg and two toes! If they can’t adapt their product fast enough, you will lag behind your competitors.

With our custom build software applications, adding new features, reports or integrations with other businesses is a breeze. That is what we are here for, to help you grow through technology. We are flexible, agile and cost effective.

5. Transparent pricing

When using off-the-shelf software packages, additional licence fees are incurred as your usage grows both in terms of modules, number of users, and/or monthly or annual subscription fees. With custom software it is far simpler. You specify it, we build it, you pay for it ONCE, and it is your asset to keep with nothing more to pay. We do not charge per user or ongoing monthly fees. Ask us about software financing if you wish to spread the investment out over a fixed period (e.g. 3 years).

6. Ownership and control

Generally with an off-the-shelf software package, you don’t own the IP in the software, and if you are lucky enough to get a special requested feature put into the package, it will belong to the vendor and made available to all buyers. You may also need to jump through hoops trying to get your own data out of the cloud/standalone product, should the need arise.

Building your own custom software allows you to retain complete ownership of the software, data and all associated intellectual property. You wont have to pay someone else license fees forever and a day. You also wont have to worry about who else might have access to your sensitive data.

Intergy Consulting has years of solid experience in developing custom software.

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