How to escape excel hell in your business

Excel has hundreds of millions of users and is the world’s most popular spreadsheet software. Excel’s simplicity of data organisation has ensured it’s the most frequently used tool for reporting. But it doesn’t take long for your business to accumulate big data which is far beyond the program’s capacity. Once this happens, you’re

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How to approach a legacy system rebuild

Companies around the world are currently working with ageing, complex systems that are expensive to maintain and unable to support most new business initiatives. And the problem continues to worsen, with many organisations spending a huge share of their budgets just on maintenance for their existing legacy systems. If you’re like most business

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The secrets to your startup success

What makes one startup achieve success and another fail miserably? Some say it’s partly luck, while others say it’s just hard work. Many entrepreneurs refer to the commonly cited statistics, which tell us that 90% of all tech startups and 30-40% of startups in other industries will fail completely, meaning even the most

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4 Ways you can improve your start-up

When your business is in its start-up phase, there are numerous things to think about. Finances are often tight, employees may be over-worked, and it can sometimes seem like your product or service will never catch on. The early days of a business are all about being multi-skilled and focussed on slow, steady

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Low staff engagement is your enemy – here are 5 ways to defeat it

The secrets to an engaged and productive workforce When your staff members care about your business and are engaged, they will use discretionary effort. That means a retail staff member will clean up after a messy customer when the boss isn’t around, the computer programmer will stay past their shift for that big project without

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