Five Ways to Save Money with Prototyping

One of the most difficult challenges business owners face? Visualising the concept. In a choice between elaborate descriptions and an interactive mock-up, visualisation and interaction will win every time. Prototyping allows you to work with a visual example of a system or software. This means you can see how it would look and

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Need to Scale Your Business Fast? Here’s How Prototyping will Save you Time in the Long Run

Globalisation and the internet have combined to render almost every business more vulnerable to greater competition than ever before. Innovation needs to be a key part of your company culture. That means onboarding the right people at the right time, encouraging a diversity of thought, and developing cutting-edge products and solutions. Being able

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How Prototyping Could Help You Secure Project Funding

Creating a product isn’t cheap, which is why many businesses seek project funding or capital to get their project off the ground. It makes sense- it takes money to make money. So how do you increase your chances of securing the funding you need? Prototyping. 90% of startups fail. Even businesses that are doing well

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Is Prototyping the Secret to Kickstarting Your Project?

Any successful project begins with a first step. But it can be difficult to take that first step. It’s not enough to have a great idea- you also need to be able to demonstrate the viability of that project to key decision makers. The answer? Prototyping. While many business owners know that innovation

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Software Prototyping vs MVP: What’s the Difference?

Often, the words “prototype” and “minimum viable product” are used interchangeably. But these are two very different parts of the development process. Understanding the difference is key for the success of your project. Prototypes and Minimum Viable Products are often aimed at different audiences. And they have different processes behind their creation.

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