What are Power Pages?

Power Pages is a secure, enterprise-grade, low-code platform for creating modern external-facing business websites. Whether you’re a business user or a professional developer, Power Pages offers rich, customisable templates and an intuitive visual interface. The integrated learning hub offers advice and support to help every user hit the ground running and quickly achieve their goals. Meanwhile, pro-developer tools enable professional developers to customise and extend websites to suit more complex needs. By using Power Pages to automate processes for customers and external users, businesses can reduce the time taken to complete tasks, improving efficiency and user experience.

The Business Benefits of Power Pages

Power Pages offers an incredibly natural way of extending the Power Platform, empowering anyone, regardless of technical background, to create data-driven, modern and secure websites. Power Pages offers many business benefits, including:

Design Control

The Design Studio offers ready-to-use templates that make it easy to add components such as forms, images, reports, lists and more. Designers have greater control over the visual appearance, ensuring consistency with corporate branding.

Faster Development

The Templates Hub offers full-featured websites covering repeatable processing scenarios such as appointment scheduling and progress tracking, to help kick-start the development process

Full Support

The Learn Hub offers guides, tutorials and videos across a wide array of topics so users can learn to build websites, visualise business data, work with code and configure websites with ease.

Advanced Capabilities

Professional developers can use familiar tools such as Visual Studio to Implement custom business logic and extend the functionality of web pages

World-Class Security

Critical security capabilities, including advanced encryption, role-based access controls and web application firewalls, ensure data is protected at all times.

Our Power Pages Services

At Intergy, we are committed to putting the power in your hands to achieve more. We have a vast amount of experience with the Power Platform and can help you to combine Power Pages with the likes of Microsoft Dynamics and CRM solutions to deliver increased business value. Our Power Pages services include:


We’ll review your business needs and help to define the scope of your development project for maximum business benefit.

Design and Development

With our vast experience in user experience design, user interface design and software development, we can help you create powerful and interactive websites that drive business processes

Support and Training

We’ll guide your teams through the implementation and utilisation of the platform and help to create a culture of independence for your customers.

By using back-end data to create front-end views, anyone can quickly create powerful and interactive websites. Let us help you to tap into your data, integrate external parties into business processes, streamline workflows and drive your business forward.

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