What is Power Automate?

Power Automate is a powerful workflow automation tool that helps to create automated workflows between applications to synchronise files, deliver notifications, collect data and more. The intelligent, cloud-based solution uses triggers, actions and reactions to replace repetitive, manual and time-consuming tasks. With Power Automate, you can use pre-built connectors to create everything from simple automations for individual tasks to advanced scenarios like large-scale systems. The solution seamlessly integrates and connects data from different systems so you can build business-wide processes across the apps and services you know and love.

The Business Benefits of Power Automate

While mapping and automating business processes used to require extensive programming and coding knowledge, it’s now much more accessible. Power Auotmate’s low-code solutions enable you to quickly and securely automate tasks and put intelligent workflows to use with minimal effort, boosting productivity and gaining more time to focus on strategic high-value opportunities. Power Automate can deliver many business benefits, including:

Improve productivity

By automating repetitive tasks, your employees can work smarter and focus on improving overall business performance.

Reduce errors

Automation reduces the risk of human error and the mundanity of time-consuming, repetitive tasks that leads to them

Save time

Automate processes such as approval workflows and sales responses and empower your employees to make faster decisions

Empower employees

With a low-code design and drag-and-drop interface, you can empower your employees to create their own solutions.

Work remotely

Power Automate’s mobile app enables your employees to create, run and check on workflows from wherever they are.

Customise flows

As well as using predefined workflows, you can also build custom workflows from scratch to meet the unique needs of your business.

Integrate data sources

Connect to over 300 out-of-the-box data sources and automate tasks across hundreds of apps both within the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond.

Our Power Automate Services

At Intergy, we’ve delivered Power Automate projects for businesses of all shapes and sizes and are committed to helping our clients expedite their business processes. While some workflows are simple to create, they can become complex and require a complicated combination of tasks and logic. We can help you structure your Power Automate workflows and enable complex integrations to deliver the best possible value to your business. If you’d like to automate your business process with Power BI, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

Strategic planning

We can analyse your business challenges and review where automation would deliver the biggest benefits.

Workflow Implementation

Our team can help you quickly implement read-to-use Power Automate templates and workflows to create rapid solutions. Or we can create custom workflows to meet your business needs.

Power Automate Integration

We can help you to combine various applications into a unified, easy-to-use solution using default integrations and connectors.

Process Migration

Migrate from a legacy to a modern flow system using PowerApps and Power Automate.

Ongoing support

Ensure your system is up-to-date, robust and optimised, so it’s best placed to meet your ongoing business requirements.

With Power Automate, you have the power to speed up repetitive tasks, automate workflows and grow your business. Let us help you to reduce your overall deployment costs, improve your business outcomes and become more efficient than ever.

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