What are Power Apps?

Power Apps is a collection of apps, services and connectors that combine with a data platform to deliver a rapid development environment. By using Power Apps, you can quickly create customised business apps that connect to your data, whether it’s in the Microsoft Daterverse or other online or on-premises sources. The beauty of Powerapps is that it empowers everyone in your organisation to build, deploy and manage business apps with little coding experience and to work together to solve your most challenging problems. As well as providing pre-built templates and drag-and-drop capabilities, the platform also enables deep customisation, meaning you can customise every single detail of your solution and optimise it to meet your business needs.

The Business Benefits of Power Apps

With Power Apps, the power is in your hands to create fully-responsive digital solutions that run seamlessly on all devices. Whether a business user wants to create a simple app using the drag-and-drop interface or a professional developer wants to extend the app using advanced AI capabilities, the power is there to deliver. Power Apps offers many business benefits, including:

Drive productivity

Automate manual processes, forms and workflows and empower your employees to achieve more

Focus resources

Start building apps immediately without having to worry about the technicalities and focus vital resources on core business needs.

Connect data

Integrate with the apps and data sources you already use and create one connected platform that drives maximum functionality.

Reduce costs

Reduce app development and maintenance costs by using out-of-the-box connections and functions

Drive accessibility

Access your apps using any mobile device from anywhere and drive remote working and accessibility across your organisation.

Gain visibility

Use the admin centre to gain oversight of all your apps, users and permissions and ensure you have full control of your business.

Ensure compliance

Develop solutions in a secure application environment that ensures data security and compliance are protected.

Our Power Apps Services

At Intergy, we have unrivalled knowledge and expertise in Power Apps and an excellent track record in delivering projects across a range of business verticals. Whether you need to streamline processes, improve customer services or automate HR, we can design a made-to-measure solution that will help take your business to the next level. Our full range of Power Apps services includes:

Bespoke consultancy

Let us analyse your business challenges and create a strategic plan of how Power Apps can deliver the most value.

App development

Our experienced Power Apps developers can design and develop modernism, scalable and cost-effective apps to help your business grow.

Power Apps Integration

Ensure your apps are fully integrated with your existing data systems and create complete information synchronicity across your business

Training and support

Ensure your apps continue to drive business value and that your employees feel empowered to use PowerApps to achieve more.

By combining Power Apps with our expertise in comprehensive infrastructure design and tailor-made applications, you can make your business life easier. Let us be your PowerApps consultancy partner and watch your business grow.

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