The Scope

The primary goals of this transition were to enhance ARTD's existing system's performance, scalability, usability, and long-term sustainability. Prior to the migration, users encountered challenges with limited functionality and slow loading times. By migrating their existing system to a modern cloud-based technology platform, ARTD was able to improve the systems performance and improve current business processes within the organisation.





ARTD’s existing TIMS system was built on a Microsoft Access platform which was end of life (EOL). ARTD wanted to extend the life of the system and make further enhancements to the existing system, but this was not possible using Microsoft Access. With Intergy’s assistance, ARTD was able to fully rebuild and migrate their existing TIMS system to a modern cloud-based technology platform.

artd dashboard

The Solution

Intergy and ARTD collaborated to develop TIMS 2.0, a cloud-based project, resource, and customer management tool. This powerful tool enables ARTD to manage their projects, resources, and customers with ease. Intergy leveraged the existing tool and developed new interfaces that are user-friendly, making it easier for people to navigate the system. The upgraded system offers many benefits, including improved performance, a streamlined interface, and enhanced functionality, all of which enable ARTD to better manage their business.



Client Testimonial

We engaged Intergy in late 2022 to transition our existing MS Access management system to a cloud based system with improved performance and security. Intergy collaborated closely with us and leveraged the existing tool to document detailed requirements and provide a budget/costing breakdown and timeline. The Intergy team were professional throughout design and development and worked closely with us to ensure they understood the intricacies of the existing system. Senthil and his team of developers were very responsive in resolving issues and worked really hard to meet our tight timeline. Staff are delighted with the upgraded system which provides many benefits, including improved performance, a streamlined interface, and enhanced functionality, all of which enable us to better manage our business. We will continue working with Intergy to further improve the system and extend functionality
Janet K
ARTD Consultants


Streamlined interface

ARTD's new TIMS 2.0 system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a focus on enhancing productivity and minimising user frustration. This is especially crucial for ARTD, as their employees require efficient and effective tools to perform their daily tasks. By creating a streamlined interface, Intergy made the new TIMS 2.0 simple, efficient, and intuitive. It is a design approach that focuses on removing unnecessary clutter and complexity to create a more user-friendly experience. The streamlined interface aims to provide users with only the essential features and options required to complete their tasks without overwhelming them with unnecessary information or options. By adopting a streamlined interface, businesses can enhance user satisfaction, increase productivity, and reduce training costs.

streamlined interface

Improved performance and security

The benefits of being a cloud base application is that users can access the application and data from anywhere with an internet connection, which enhances flexibility and productivity. Also, cloud-based applications are generally more cost-effective than traditional software, as they do not require costly hardware or IT maintenance. They also offer automatic updates and improved security features, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring that users always have access to the latest versions of the software. Cloud-based applications can also scale quickly to meet the needs of growing businesses and can be customized to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, because we can add extra resources, this can lead to significant performance improvements. Cloud-based databases are hosted on powerful servers with high-speed internet connections, enabling faster data processing and retrieval. This leads to improved application response times and a better user experience.

Enhanced functionality

Custom-built software offers several benefits and features that are tailored to meet specific business needs. One significant advantage is that it can be designed to automate processes that are unique to a particular organization, which can enhance efficiency and productivity. Additionally, custom-built software provides greater control over the development process, allowing businesses to prioritize specific features and ensure that the software aligns with their goals and requirements. Furthermore, custom-built software offers greater scalability, allowing businesses to add or remove features as needed and enhance the systems functionality.





The technology used for ARTD TIMS 2.0


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