What is Laravel Development?

Laravel is an open-source web development framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. The framework removes some of the challenges of web development by simplifying tasks such as authentication, routing and caching that are used in the majority of web projects. However, the framework certainly doesn’t sacrifice functionality. Laravel is accessible yet provides the powerful tools needed to build large and robust applications. With an inversion control container, migration system and integrated testing support, the framework delivers everything a developer could need.


The result is that Laravel enables developers to create solutions without worrying about the small things. It contains functionality common to most websites, makes complex features more accessible and lets developers focus on solving business challenges rather than rewriting the same code multiple times. It stands to reason that Laravel is an incredibly popular framework amongst developers, letting them use the tools they love to create amazing solutions.

The Benefits of Laravel Development

Thanks to its modern approach, developers can use tried and tested code to deliver innovative business solutions. Moreover, they can use the best possible technologies to extend the platform with even more functionality and integration. Laravel is an incredibly popular framework, thanks to the following benefits:

Simple syntax

With clean, simple code, developers can put functionality first.

Robust APIs

Whether backend or frontend, Laravel enables developers to be productive from the outset.

Object-relational mapping

Eloquent is object relational mapper (ORM) that includes by default within the Laravel framework, ORM facilitates handling database records by representing data as objects and working as a layer of abstraction in top of the database engine.

Schema Builder

Schema Builder maintains the database definitions and schema in PHP code. It is also maintains a track of field changes with respect to database migrations.

Template Engine

Laravel using Blade Template engine which is lightweight template language used to design hierarchical blocks and layouts with predefined blocks that include dynamic content.


Laravel delivers scaffolding for secure session-based authentication and simple authentications for APIs and mobile applications.


Laravel delivers a robust testing experience that enables more confidence and speed throughout the development process.


Laravel offers a vast library of maintained packages that enable enterprise scale and performance without enterprise complexity.


Instead of requiring workarounds and compromises like some older development models, Laravel has a modern approach.

Our Laravel Development Services

At Intergy we use Laravel to build backend PHP solutions and are also adept at extending the framework to create the speed required to build custom projects. We can help you with:


The only way to determine if Laravel is the right framework for your needs is for us to review your project requirements and business needs. We’ll work with you to ensure we always use the best possible framework to deliver the best possible results.


Our developers can use Laravel to build a huge range of PHP backend systems. Whatever your unique project or organisational needs, we have the experience to deliver the best possible outcomes.


Laravel typically uses CSRF tokens to make sure that external third parties couldn’t generate fake requests and should not breach the Laravel security vulnerabilities.

Framework Upgrade

It is worth keeping your apps updated to avoid vulnerabilities and to use the latest stack.

Project rescue

If you’ve got a Laravel project underway but it isn’t delivering on its expectations, we can help. We’ll work to turn around your project and ensure that it delivers on its promises.


We care about the ongoing success of your business and the projects we’ve worked on for you. We’re always looking for ways to implement new features, make improvements and ensure that you’re continuously meeting your goals.

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