The era of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques being exploited only by Corporate Giants is long gone. With Microsoft Azure Machine Learning tools, small to mid-sized businesses can now take advantage of these developer tools to perform analytical prediction and smarter forecasting, and ultimately run their business more competitively with improved decision making. This article demystifies some of the concepts, and highlights some practical options available to you.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Solutions, simplified:

    • Digest enormous data
    • Accumulate information
    • Scale and create patterns
    • Deliver analysis and forecasts

Google, Bing and other search engines already keep track of your choices and provide you sensible suggestions based on your past search behaviour (and others).  YouTube loads relevant videos for your liking, your online shopping and travel apps and websites all use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to predict and forecast future usage patterns to deliver a much better customer experience.


Azure offers a wide range of options to easily incorporate AI / ML into your business.

    1. Azure Machine Learning as a Service
    2. Azure Machine Learning Studio
    3. Azure Cognitive Services
    4. Azure Chatbots
    5. Azure Databricks

Azure Machine Learning as a Service

Azure Machine Learning as a Service

Azure provides a cloud-based platform for Machine Learning models referred to as Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) which is an easy to use cloud service which does not require any additional hardware / software set up. MLaaS will help you create, teach, analyse, setup algorithms, run tests quickly and iteratively, allowing you to arrive at the optimal solution and future prediction.

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning Studio

This azure ML tool helps you to design your models / algorithms using a drag and drop visual interface that requires no coding or programming knowledge.  The studio comes with pre-loaded algorithms that can be utilised to solve most data requirement needs, making it fast and effective to build your solutions and capitalise on the insights.

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services

With Azure Cognitive Services, this provides valuable tools related to Vision, Speech, Language, Search and Anomaly detection capabilities.  It’s more customer centric.


Reading and recognizing textual content has evolved over many years, but recognizing images, videos (Video Indexer Service), faces (Face Recognition Service), landmarks, emotions, objects (Computer Vision Service) within a context is the new trend, and Azure Vision Services makes this all accessible.


Translate Speech to Text or Text to Speech effortlessly done with Speech Recognition Services, which provides for better communication and understanding. Speaker Recognition Services can be used to identify multiple different speakers, modulation and their transcript.


Language recognition tools are widely used to help understand a customer’s natural (human language) emotions in speech, detect key phrases, translate and respond with unearthed text.


Another important service that many websites and apps can avail of is the ability to provide the data most relevant to what the customer is looking for. Bing Auto Suggest, Image / Video / Visual Search, News Search and much more is available to provide the best capabilities within real time web search.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detector and Content Moderator Services will help detect any anomalies within a data set, as well as any offensive language, images or videos in your website and apps that could negatively affect you. Personaliser, on the other hand, can create customer experiences that better suit an individual’s needs.

Azure Chatbots

Azure Chatbots

Azure Bot Services has wide variety of out-of-the-box tools that can be easily plugged into your web platform / apps to serve and respond to customer queries in a responsive and humanlike manner.  Q&A bots, visual assistants not only respond to textual queries, they can recognise images / barcodes and help internal staff for product identification and status checks.

Azure Data Bricks


Azure Data BricksData Bricks offers a powerful analytical platform to capture your data, refine, design patterns and build trending analytical dashboards. Data Bricks are very versatile, and along with Azure Cognitive Services, can surface as a deep learning framework that can scale up or down with changing needs, and cater for all your machine learning requirements.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning capabilities and features can vastly improve decision-making capabilities for all businesses, large and small, and conveniently run on optimized as-a-service infrastructure.

About the Author

Ramya Gunasekar


Ramya Gunasekar is a Senior Solution Architect and Technical Project Manager at Intergy Consulting, who has more than a decade of experience in designing and delivering complex business systems.

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