Real Wealth Australia wanted to build a property investment analysis tool that they could distribute to their clients. This tool needed to help the property investor record their actual or prospective property investments and evaluate the return over a ten-year period. It also needed to include calculations for depreciation, profit and loss, monthly repayments, and tax effectiveness.

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The Solution

We built a desktop application called the ‘Number Cruncher’, which has a rich user interface and provides multiple reports, which allowing users to effectively manage their properties.

Benefits and features

Informed investment decisions

With the handy calculators and tools, investors are now able to quickly and easily make calculations to determine stamp duty, loan repayments and depreciation rates to improve their understanding of return on investment.

Informed Investment Decisions
Business Summary Report

Business summary report

The entity overview report shows the profit and loss and net cash flow for all properties and entities, enabling users to compare properties and entities in a single report.

Property comparison report

The property comparison report uses Pie and Bar chart tools to represent the gross yield, net yield, and net profit and loss of all the properties owned by an entity. This makes comparing the performance of properties fast and easy.

Property Comparison Report
Improved Customer Proposition

Improved customer proposition

Clients are now empowered to make their own decisions by testing and exploring different investment scenarios. Number Cruncher provides greater visibility and detail on the ‘what if’ scenarios that will impact the bottom line. Clients will experience increased trust and reliability in their investment portfolio by no longer having to rely solely on investor advice. Number Cruncher offers transparency and visibility of all key components.


We built the solution using the .NET Windows Forms Application framework. A Microsoft Access 2007 database was used at the back end and all reports are developed using the Crystal Reports Framework.

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